Lone Wolf on Wall Street eyes off Australia

Well, well, well, prepare to say welcome to the Wolf.

9780733624148wolf of wallYes, Jordan Belfort aka the Wolf of Wall Street himself is coming to Australia. He will be arriving mid August and will be doing a series of high profile corporate and public events (details to follow). It will be a media mash up – everyone wants a piece of this guy. And he is currently the bestselling author in the business category in Australia with both books.

We have the latest one, Catching the Wolf on Wall Street in stock and marked down.  But to get the full flavour of this fascinating insight into corporate greed, you’ll need to start at the very beginning with The Wolf of Wall Street.

9780733623974catching the wolfWe profiled Jordan Belfort in Booktopia Buzz in March. Meanwhile, to launch news of the tour and to get a few pulses racing there will be a large feature in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 20 June and the Today Show will do a live cross to Jordan in LA that following Monday.

To get a taste, watch this.

2 Responses

  1. Hey guys,

    I saw the wolf, Jordan Belfort, in May 2010 in Sydney. It was a highly entertaining event!

    I would recommend it for anyone- particularly if you are in sales or marketing. Having said this, if you like to be entertained and find the world of business to be fascinating, as I do, go along!

    Dave @ filmstank.com


  2. Jordan Belfort’s official tour website of Australia is http://www.jordanbelfort.com.au. He will be here in September 2009 for three weeks for public and private speaking engagements.


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