BREAKING NEWS: Sizzling Sixteen, Janet Evanovich & Katherine Heigl

The release date of the latest Janet Evanovich  novel, Sizzling Sixteen, has been announced. June 24 will be a huge day for Stephanie Plum fans (one day earlier for US readers).

In a break with tradition, the jacket image has also been made public in advance.

It is summertime in Jersey and our favourite bounty hunter is up to her old antics – grand-scale fun, hilarious capers and action galore.

Meanwhile, the movie version of the series launcher One for the Money is being made starring Katherine Heigl. We will have to wait at least another 18 months to see how well Stephanie translates to the big screen.

Pre-orders are now being taken.

5 Responses

  1. […] These novels are a guilty pleasure; completely over the top and a bit trashy. I like to think of them as the white bread of the reading world and I’m definitely looking forward to them being made into movies. […]


  2. with so many people hating katherine heigl for this role you’d think they could get someone else and that guy for Morelli?? Italian Stallion he is not. Ranger is ok I guess.


  3. Pretty sure it’s… uh… 555… something.

    Get on it!


  4. I love these books so much! And I think they will translate successfully into movies… without Katherine Heigl. I just cannot picture her as Stephanie. If they had have been made 10 years ago, Sandra Bullock would have been perfect. Katherine….. she’s just not right.


    • I shall pick up the phone straight away and get Katherine taken off the film.
      Hey, has anyone got the number for err… ummm… Hollywood?
      This may take a while.
      But if I can’t do it, nobody can.

      Thanks for your comment. (I’ll get back to you soon)


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