Zombie Felties : How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead by Sarah Skeate & Nicola Tedman


There’s a new craze in town, and it’s not a pretty one. It’s taking over previously wholesome quilters, soft-toy makers and amigurumi enthusiasts, so you’d better pay attention. Zombie Felties are on the march, and every day their numbers increase.

Unnervingly easy to make, even for novices…

No special skills called for, just a cool head and a strong stomach…

From the mildly sinister (Dead Ducky) to the downright horrifying (Zombie Bride), there’s something here for every taste, however twisted….


Kids, All Your Money Worries Are Over!  Cottage Industry Is The Name Of The Game.

First :Tie Your Granny To A Chair. Second: Put The Kettle On. Third: Get Her A Plate Of Iced VoVos. Fourth: Give Her A Copy Of Zombie Felties.

And finally: Get Your Granny To Show You How To Make Gruesome Felties So You Can Sell Them To All Your Fiendish Friends.

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