Alexandra Adornetto, author of the Halo trilogy, answers Ten Terrifying Questions

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Alexandra Adornetto

author of Halo
and now
of the Halo trilogy
and more

Ten Terrifying Questions


1. To begin with why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself – where were you born? Raised? Schooled?

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I’m an only child and went to a convent school. I moved permanently to the USA and I now live in Oxford, Mississippi and I’m studying at Ole Miss.

2. What did you want to be when you were twelve, eighteen and thirty? And why?

When I was twelve I wanted to be a famous writer, actor or singer! I started writing my first book The Shadow Thief at thirteen. When it was picked up by Harper Collins I made writing fiction my first priority and have been doing it ever since. I’m nineteen now and the second book of my YA trilogy Halo has just come out. I’m currently working on the final instalment around my college commitments.

3. What strongly held belief did you have at eighteen that you do not have now?

I’m only nineteen so eighteen wasn’t that long ago so I think I’m the same person! At thirteen I thought it was possible to do everything all at once. I’ve since learned that you sometimes have to make choices. I’ve learned that it’s really important to develop long lasting friendships and be part of a community.

4. What were three works of art – book or painting or piece of music, etc – you can now say, had a great effect on you and influenced your own development as a writer?

I love listening to country music and Johnny Cash is an artist that has really inspired me over the years. Songs like “Tear Stained Letter” and “Jackson” are some of my favourites. As a young reader my favourite book was Peter Pan. I didn’t want to grow up and I thought I could preserve my thirteen-year-old self through my novels. When I was writing Halo I was inspired by Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” – that was the inspiration for Ivy.

5. Considering the innumerable artistic avenues open to you, why did you choose to write a novel?

I choose to write a novel because it was what felt the most natural for me at the time. I’d been writing stories since I was very young so I decided to take up the challenge and try extending those ideas into a full-blown novel. Once I started I couldn’t stop until it was finished and couldn’t think about other artistic avenues. I think I’m more interested now in exploring other avenues.

6. Please tell us about your latest novel…

My latest novel is called Hades and it’s the second book of a trilogy for young adults. It’s just come out in both Australia and the US and it made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list, which is very exciting. Hades follows on from my first book Halo and in it the female protagonist Bethany, who is an angel, is abducted and taken into hell by a demon that has fallen in love with her. She witnesses a lot during her time underground and struggles to get back to the people she loves.

(BBGuru: The publisher’s synopsis –

What will happen to an angel in Hell?

Jake Thorn and his demons have been banished and Xavier and Bethany settle down to resume a normal life. But on the night of Halloween, a childish prank goes terribly wrong and Jake is summoned back to the sleepy town of Venus Cove. Bethany is deceived and like the mythical Persephone she finds herself dragged into the nightmarish underworld of Hades.

While the angels call on higher powers to help rescue Bethany, Jake decides to play dirty and goes after the one thing she loves more than anything. But to spare Xavier′s life, Bethany must make the ultimate sacrifice. Will she make a deal with the Devil? And what will happen to an angel in Hell? ) Click here to order your copy of Hades

7. What do you hope people take away with them after reading your work?

Firstly, I hope they are entertained by the stories and captivated by the struggles the characters face. I hope they take away a belief in the power of love and redemption as a way of dealing with adversity. I hope my books give out a positive message about the importance of developing strong relationships in our lives as well as fighting for what’s important to you like Bethany and Xavier do.

8. Whom do you most admire in the realm of writing and why?

I have great admiration for writers of the great classics because of their command of the English language. I love the novels of the Brontes because they are such powerful works of the imagination. I am also inspired by people who have written only one novel that’s had a huge impact on the literary world like Harper Lee with To Kill a Mockingbird and J.D Salinger with Catcher in the Rye.

9. Many artists set themselves very ambitious goals. What are yours?

I have so many projects I don’t know which to to start next! I think my goal right now is to finish off this series before embarking on another in a similar paranormal romance genre. As well as that I’d love to broaden my creative experiences. I have close friend who’s a singer/songwriter and I’d love to collaborate with him and record some songs together.

10. What advice do you give aspiring writers?

The best advice I can give them is to believe in their work. I think that’s the key as well as being receptive to criticism and feedback. That’s the only way to really develop your skills as a writer.

Alexandra, thank you for playing.

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17 Responses

  1. I totally love ur book I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love your book. I could keep weighting love never mind ur mistakes,


  2. I really love your halo trilogy serious. I wish you can make a book about Molly and Gabriel… i really wanna know if oneday their ever have a chance….


  3. I have to disagree. I am in love with your novels. If a person can create a film exactly like the points of the book then the film will be a success. Look at steven king or the hunger games. I encourage the series to be made into a movie.


    • You think just like me, I could watch a movie like that forever


  4. Btw don’t make this series a movie. Book series made into movies ruin the whole thing for me after I watch them I think to myself how they ruined the whole feel and got the characters wrong. Just my opinion. Don’t mind me haha. Your books are amazing! I just need your email to ask questions on my writings and advice.


  5. Does Alexandra Adornetto have a email? I need to ask some questions.
    Asap. If anyone can help me? Thanks!


  6. Will there be a fourth book to this series? It was amazing and changed my life.


  7. Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please and a billion more pleases write a 4th book I want to know what happens to ivy and gabriel. Do Molly and gabriel end up together?? I have so many mote questions please write a 4th book


  8. The 3 books were the best i have ever read, i wish there would be a follow on to heaven, but i know it is unlikely.
    I enjoyed every single page of these books and will always remain my faveroite!

    -p.s. they should make a movie of it i would go and see it 100+ if i could!

    From one of your most grateful fans- Alice


  9. hi, i think the book halo is great n well written.i tried my luck at writing but i gave up well you shouldn’t


  10. I’ve read Halo and Hades and i’ve nearly finished Heaven, i can’t stop reading! It is amazing, i could easily say that it was one of the best books i have ever read, full of excitement. I am looking forward to reading your other books, also if it would be great if you carry on with love stories :)


  11. I have read Halo and Hades and am almost finished Heaven. I cannot help notice there are some mistakes in this book, like how Wade all of a sudden knows Xavier and Beth’s names the second time he meets them after been introduced to them as Ford and Laurie? Also in Hades how Xavier ended up on the side of the road speakin to Bethany while she was on the Bike with Jake, yet the lake was in a different direction? Some other things also dont make much sense in this book.


    • this is so true. i noticed these mistakes as well and she seemed to somehow overlook them.


  12. Is there going to be a follow up from Hades. Have read Halo and
    Hades and loved them both. After finishing Hades I couldn’t help but think there has to be another book to follow up. Hope so, keep them coming Alexandra and all the best with your studies at Uni.


    • Yes, ‘Heaven’ it comes out in August :)


  13. Hey Alexandra if you are reading this please take to heart that words can not describe your book HALO that I own and have read many times it is in my special collection of books and it gives my a feeling like I have to devote myself to these books like they are my heaven and hell they are my beginning and end you see reading is my fatal flaw and I can’t help it I love reading and If I could not or something happen I would shauwly wast away into nothing but a wander and wander the earth for years on end trying to find myself and my perpose I feel that I have something that every author needs a good audience but anyway I would love to buy your new book HADES for it will keep me from wandering further away. From your most loyal fan clarissa – p.s hades is a Greek god of death .


  14. Aw wish she still lived here in Australia… we’re very proud of her :)


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