Rupert Murdoch : An investigation of political power by David McKnight

When Rupert Murdoch called, Prime Ministers and Presidents picked up the phone.

David McKnight exposes Murdoch’s unflinching use of his media empire to further his political agenda over decades. This is the story behind the hacking scandal that rocked the world and shook the Murdoch empire.

‘A study of dangerous media abuse of power and of abject government weakness in regard to it. This is a disturbing book.’ – From the foreword by Robert Manne

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is the most powerful media organisation in the world. Murdoch’s commercial success is obvious, but less well understood is his successful pursuit of political goals, using News Corporation as his vehicle.

David McKnight tracks Murdoch’s influence, from his support for Reagan and Thatcher, to his attacks on Barack Obama and the Rudd and Gillard governments. He examines the secretive corporate culture of News Corporation: its private political seminars for editors, its sponsorship of think tanks and its recurring editorial campaigns around the world. Its success is reflected in the fact that the campaigns are familiar to us all: small government and market deregulation, skepticism on climate change, support for neo-conservative adventures such as Iraq and criticism of all things ‘liberal’.

While the phone hacking crisis has tarnished his reputation, Rupert Murdoch’s influence is far from finished.

DAVID MCKNIGHT is Associate Professor in the Journalism and Media Research Centre at the University of NSW, and a former journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald and ABC TV’s Four Corners.

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Coming in 2012: Two new titles from Lauren Kate – Fallen in Love and Rapture…

OUT IN JANUARY: A new novel set in the world of Lauren Kate’s bestselling Fallen series.

FALLEN IN LOVE is a riveting collection of four intertwined love stories featuring the Fallen characters that fans have grown to know and love: Miles, Shelby, Roland, Arriane, and Luce & Daniel.

The novel, FALLEN IN LOVE, will be released in Australia 26th January 2012, before the fourth and final title in the series, RAPTURE, is published in June 2012.

 Fallen in Love 

Unexpected. Unrequited. Forbidden. Eternal.

Everyone has their own love story. And in a twist of fate, four extraordinary love stories combine over the course of a romantic Valentine’s Day in Medieval England.

Miles and Shelby find love where they least expect it.

Roland learns a painful lesson about finding-and losing love.

Arianne pays the price for a love so fierce it burns.

And for the first -and last- time, Daniel and Luce will spend a night together like none other.

Lauren Kate’s Fallen in Love is filled with love stories …the ones everyone has been waiting for. True love never says goodbye…


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OUT IN JUNE:  The final book in the FALLEN series…


The sky is dark with wings. . . .

In RAPTURE, the highly anticipated fourth and final novel in the FALLEN series, Luce and Daniel are together . . . but for how long? Can history be rewritten? Or are some punishments eternal?

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Lisa Heidke, author of Lucy Springer Gets Even, What Kate Did Next, Claudia’s Big Break and, coming in January 2012, Stella Makes Good, answers Six Sharp Questions:

The Booktopia Book Guru asks

Lisa Heidke

author of Lucy Springer Gets Even,
What Kate Did Next
, Claudia’s Big Break

and, coming in January 2012,
Stella Makes Good

Six Sharp Questions


1. Congratulations, you’ve a new book – what is it about and what does this book mean to you?

In short, Stella Makes Good, is about swinging, infidelity and mother-in-laws…with a bit of romance and sexting on the side!

The longer version? Told from four points of view, Stella Makes Good spans one tumultuous week after best friends, Stella, Carly and Jesse meet for drinks, and unwittingly stumble upon a sex party. What they see that night will alter the course of their lives and shatter long held beliefs, forcing them to re-evaluate the things that are truly important to Continue reading

Booktopia’s Christmas to New Year Clearance Sale – On Now

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Caution, this post may cause heart palpitations… (Contains images of Penguins dressed to kill.)

We can acknowledge that eBooks are
cheap, convenient and instant…

But I can’t think of them as sexy.

These wonders from Penguin, however…


Penguin’s Clothbound Classics

If, like us, you not only love having a great Classic to read but also cherish the feel of a wonderful object, then these are the books for you. Bound in cloth and each individually designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, these are some of the best Classics ever written and make the perfect gift. Click to see the full range…

Major Works of Charles Dickens

Clothbound editions of Charles Dickens (Box Set) Read all the Major Works of Charles Dickens with this gorgeous boxed-set of lavish, clothbound editions, designed by Penguin’s own award-winnning Coralie Bickford-Smith. Click to see the full range…

The Great Food Series

Throughout the history of civilization, food has been more than simple necessity. In countless cultures, it has Continue reading

Booktopia’s Top Twenty Non-Fiction Bestsellers for 2011

What did Booktopia’s customers buy in 2011?

Here are the twenty highest selling non-fiction titles…

1. The Dukan Diet by Pierre Dukan

Nothing could have prepared us for the hit of the year. One day we were Dukan free, the next day every order seemed to leave containing a copy of The Dukan Diet. In France it sold 4 million copies. Then celebs were quoted saying the diet worked. And then it was rumoured that Kate Middleton was on the diet before the big wedding. Some said it was a fad. But no one has told our customers. The book and all of the spin off titles continue to sell as well, if not better, than those first few weeks of mayhem…

About: Devised by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight permanently, The Dukan Diet is the culmination of thirty-five years clinical experience. Easy to follow with no calorie counting, The Dukan Diet offers clear simple guidelines, menu planners and delicious recipes for long term success. More…


2. Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver Continue reading

We Bought A Zoo by Benjamin Mee

The Amazing True Story of a Broken-down Zoo, and the 200 Animals That Changed a Family Forever

A few years ago, Ben and his wife, Katherine, sold their small flat in Primrose Hill and moved to France to pursue their dream of restoring an old barn near Nimes.That dream then became much, much bigger, as they moved with their two young children, Ben’s 76 year-old mother and his brother, into a run-down zoo on the edge of Dartmoor which they had bought, and found themselves responsible for 200 animals including four huge tigers, lions, pumas, three massive bears, a tapir and a wolf pack.

Ben’s new extended family now included: Solomon, an African lion and scourge of the local golf course; Zak, the rickety Alpha wolf, a broadly benevolent dictator clinging to power; Ronnie, a Brazilian tapir, easily capable of killing a man, but hopelessly soppy; and Sovereign, a jaguar who is also a would-be ninja, and has devised a long term escape plan and implemented it. But tragedy was to strike for, in the midst of dealing with escaping wolves and jaguars, and troublesome adolescent vervet monkeys, Katherine, who had developed, and had removed, a brain tumour while in France, began to experience symptoms again. The prognosis was poor, and so Ben found himself juggling the complexities of managing the zoo and getting it ready for re-opening, and at the same time having to care for his rapidly deteriorating wife, their two young children, and their ever growing menagerie of animals.

Ben’s story will both move and entertain – charting, simultaneously, the family’s attempts to improve the animals’ lives, the build-up to the Zoo’s official reopening, as well as Katherine’s decline, her final days, and how the family went on. Film release in Australia Boxing Day 2011.

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About The Author : A former bricklayer and decorator, Benjamin then began to study and write about animal intelligence, studying psychology at UCL and then completing an MSc in Science Journalism at Imperial College. Benjamin became a contributing editor to Men’s Health magazine and a Guardian columnist, and then moved to Southern France, and began writing a book on the Evolution of Humour in Man and Animals. Then the zoo came up for sale, and everything changed.


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