Les Miserables: A Film of the Musical. Not to be confused with the Film of the Book. But then the Musical is the Musical of the Book, so the Film of the Musical is…

I loved the book and the musical. I wasn’t impressed by the most recent film and hated the mini-series but check out the teaser trailer of the film of the musical. It looks good, doesn’t it?

We’ve just got to remember one little thing…

All good things come from books.

Les Miserables

by Victor Hugo

I do not need to recommend this book. History has proclaimed it one of the best novels ever written and History has read a lot more books than I have! Read it now.

Book Description:

Sensational, dramatic, packed with rich excitement and filled with the sweep and violence of human passions, Les Misรฉrables is one of the greatest adventure stories ever told. It is a novel peopled by colourful characters from the nineteenth-century Parisian underworld; the street children, the prostitutes and the criminals. In telling the story of escaped convict Jean Valjean, and his efforts to reform his ways and care for the little orphan girl he rescues from a life of cruelty, Victor Hugo drew attention to the plight of the poor and oppressed. Les Miserables is a masterful detective story, a comic and tragic story of romance and revolution and, ultimately, a tale of redemption and hope.

About the Author

Victor Hugo (1802โ€“85) was the most forceful, prolific and versatile of French nineteenth-century writers. He wrote Romantic costume dramas, many volumes of lyrical and satirical verse, political and other journalism, criticism and several novels, the best known of which are Les Misรฉrables (1862) and the youthful Notre-Dame de Paris (1831).

A royalist and conservative as a young man, Hugo later became a committed social democrat and during the Second Empire of Napoleon III was exiled from France, living in the Channel Islands. He returned to Paris in 1870 and remained a great public figure until his death: his body lay in state under the Arc de Triomphe before being buried in the Panthรฉon.

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