Australia’s Favourite Novelist – Heat 5

What method will you choose?

And then there was one.

One heat left before we have our shortlist. The top 12 from each heat will automatically go through to the final voting stage on Monday.

But for those that just missed out on the top list, by a whisker, there’s good news…..

…good news in the form of a Repechage!

The next five magnificent novelists in each heat that didn’t make it automatically through will all be put in a poll on Saturday at 9am. Here, only the top 15 will go through out of a list of 25. And by Monday we’ll have our short (kind of) list. The final 75 novelists, with the poll open all week for you to vote.

So in case you didn’t read the details for this huge event, or have been too swamped by extraordinary novelists over the last week to remember, here’s what’s happening until Australia Day. With week one finished and week two nearly behind us….

Time is running out, the last heat is on today.

Time is running out, the last heat is on today.

WEEK THREE – JAN 14-20 – Only the best of the best will make it through to the final poll. We’ll have this poll up all week. This will be the final chance to cheer for your favourite Australian Novelist. You won’t be able to see the results of this poll until we announce them in….

WEEK FOUR – A WEEK OF AUSTRALIAN STORY-TELLERS – Voting will close on Monday the 21st of January at 9am. From Monday we’ll tally up the top 50 and announce them in order, unveiling 10 every day, and then…..

Australia’s 10 favourite novelists will be announced on Friday the 25th of January. We’ll be profiling all of the top 10 authors and the books that have made them your favourites. We’ll also be launching our new proudly Australian initiative, the first in Australian Bookselling history. But that’s all we can tell you!


4 Responses

  1. I wanted to vote for John M. Green AND Kate Morton, damn!


  2. Sulari Gentill is my Number One vote.


  3. Oops, hit enter too quick – I think Juliet Marillier appeared twice – yesterday and perhaps the day before. She’s utterly amazing and yet…


  4. How come Jennifer Fallon and Glenda Larke never appeared? Did I miss them? :(


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