Matthew Reilly reveals details of new book

For the cover, blurb and release date of Matthew Reilly’s The Tournament, CLICK HERE.

Matthew Reilly fans have been treated to some great news today, as the bestselling author announced the title of his hugely anticipated next novel will be THE TOURNAMENT.

The Tournament is due to be released in November with Pan Macmillan, with Reilly describing it as “…set in 1546 and is fast, cool and very grisly in places.”

Given The Tournament will be his first novel in two years, expectations are high after the success of his previous books. His 2009 release Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves received acclaim and was a fixture on bestseller lists for months. The Tournament promises to be no different.



The year is 1546.

Europe lives in fear of the powerful Islamic empire to the East. Under its charismatic Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, it is an empire on the rise. It has defeated Christian fleets. It has conquered Christian cities.

Then the Sultan sends out an invitation to every king in Europe: send forth your champion to compete in a tournament unlike any other.

We follow the English delegation, selected by King Henry VIII himself, to the glittering city of Constantinople, where the most amazing tournament ever staged will take place.

But when the stakes are this high, not everyone plays fair, and for our team of plucky English heroes, winning may not be the primary goal. As a series of barbaric murders take place, a more immediate goal might simply be staying alive…

10 Responses

  1. Any book you write, is fine with me. I have missed your books and I am eagerly looking forward to The Tournament. a you have a unique style that’s your very own. I was sad to hear of your loss and am just so grateful to know that you are writing again. All the very best to you and all those, whom you love.


  2. Really looking forward to any book from Matthew Reilly. Your books are total and utter escapism. My whole family has read all of your books which is fantastic because two of them are not readers. Any author who can get a non-reader hooked on their books is worth their weight in gold. Looking forward to the next installment of Jack West Jr. Thoughts are with you after your loss.


  3. I’m very excited to here the return of our great aussie writer Matthew Reilly. I’m intrigued by his new comer book set in the mid 1500’s interesting era. Could it be gladiators stlye, of being in an arena to fight to the death, could it be even more gore, barbaric brutes. KOOL!! Big fan MR you are amazing. God Bless :)


  4. At first I thought he was doing a rehash of his own debut novel, Contest but when I read on I realised it would be different. I’m so glad he is back at work writing, I was devastated to learn of his loss and my heart went out to him. Carry on the good work My Reilly and a very happy birthday for the 2nd July.


  5. Very much looking forward to this book. Big fan of Matthew’s work.


  6. bring it on, there are 4 people in my family waiting on the edge of our seat for the next book. And a super Happy Birthday for 2 July.


  7. Looking forward to his new book, and although I’m still sad he has a loss in his life , I’m glad he has continued to write, go mr reilly, my fav writer


  8. Wow … Sounds a tad similar to the “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Still sounds fab though!


  9. Sounds like a rehash of Conquest. Bring back Jack West jr.


  10. Sounds like it’s just my style. Looking forward to it.


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