Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer keeps fans guessing

Star Trek fans have been treated to a gossip extravaganza this week, with the release of the second trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness, the second installment in the J.J. Abrams reboot.

Check it out below.

And for those not familiar with the old Star Trek movies, the villain Khan has long been rumoured to feature in the reboot. And with the appearance of the so-hot-right-now Benedict Cumberbatch as “unnamed sinister ultra-villian”, many in the know think this might be the battle of Kirk v Khan.

The original battle gave birth to perhaps the greatest 13 seconds in movie history.

Stay tuned for more, and if you haven’t seen the first installment in the reboot don’t miss out. It won a whole new legion of fans, and kept the old fans very very happy. Which as George Lucas will tell you, can sometimes be hard to do.

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  1. Ooh looks good! I really enjoyed the first movie


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