Operation Get Men Reading: Enlist Today

I have been selling books for 20 years and something I get asked more often than anything else is – can you suggest a book which will get my son reading? You can exchange son with husband, boyfriend, brother, father, uncle…

The question usually comes from a big reader, male or female, who just wants someone they love to enjoy the wonders of reading too.

I’m sure there are many women who want the same for non-reading mothers, sisters, daughters but I believe they feel more confident in choosing a book for another woman. But are stumped by the thought of choosing for a male.

So, we’ve collected together a wonderful range of books just to help make choosing a book for a man or boy easier and hopefully by doing so we will be able to welcome hundreds of more readers to the great and entertaining world of reading.

Guys, you may also have noticed that our collection also doubles as simply the best place to find your next great read. Clever, huh?

Click here to enlist in Operation GMR,
Get Men Reading

All this month we’ll also be featuringΒ ‘Books To Make A Man’. We’ve asked some of our favourite authors to name five books every man should read.

Tomorrow’s Guest: Kylie Ladd, author of Into My Arms and Last Summer.


One Response

  1. Excellent idea. I co-edit a blog called Guys Read Gals. Our aim is to get men reviewing and thinking about Australian female fiction writers. Maybe we can work together on this and support one another.

    Men who read your Aussie female fiction authors might be able to be coaxed into writing a review or commenting on the books they have read. Maybe with a prize or a reward.

    I’d love to know what you think.


    Rob Kennedy


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