Five Books Every Man Should Read – From Anna Campbell

This September we’re launching Operation GMR, Get Men Reading. To celebrate, we’ve asked some of our favourite Australian authors to give us Five Books Every Man Should Read.

Today’s guest is the Australian Romance Reader’s Favourite Author for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Anna Campbell.

You know the eternal question? At least from the male half of the population.

And no, it’s not, “Why does Monday exist?” If Monday didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it!

The eternal question is, “What do women want?”

Guess what? I have an answer! Or at least a theory for where you can find the answer.

Guys, you can discover just what women want if you read romance novels! These are books written by women and bought by women in their millions. The heroes must be doing something right!

So here is your starter reading on what promises to be a long and interesting course of study – my list of the five books every man should read.

Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

Mr. Darcy has fueled a billion female fantasies despite the fact that he’s pushing 230 now. Not bad for an old codger.

I actually think women love him partly because he’s willing to admit when he’s wrong!

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Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte

This one’s all drama and passion.

Mr. Rochester is a harder nut to crack than Mr. Darcy, but he’s so steadfast in his love for Jane that you forgive him the occasional stumble when it comes to social polish.

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War and Peace

by Leo Tolstoy

Just because I think everyone should read this book.

Despite its reputation for being turgid, it’s exciting and romantic and moving, and Prince Andrei is another character to make female hearts beat faster.

(By the way, you’ll notice I’ve started with three books that you won’t be ashamed to put on the Ferrari seat for the world to see.)

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by Anna Campbell

Hey, with a million romance novels to choose from and all of them answering the eternal question, why not pick one of my own?

This book was published in 2007 and I still get fan mail for Matthew, the brave, tragic, passionate hero.

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Lord of Scoundrels

by Loretta Chase

This one regularly tops polls listing the best romances ever written.

It’s funny and it’s touching and it’s wise. And Lord Dain is such a fascinating character. I think his self-deprecating humour is particularly attractive.

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Hmm, clearly I think men should read historical romance! Well, I won’t argue with that! There’s something to be said for old-fashioned manners and elegance.

Happy reading, men!

10 Responses

  1. I do love your suggestions. Question is: How can we make them read any of these books? LOL War and Peace wouldn’t be so difficult, but Jane Austen’s…???
    Thanks, Anna!!!


    • I’m a bloke and I love Jane Austen.
      Give it a whirl. (try with Persuasion first)


  2. […] Anna Campbell […]


  3. >_< nuff said


    • Hey, Ki! Lovely to see you here! I was fairly gentle on the guys, I think! ;-)


  4. Hmm, not quite sure why George Johnson is being credited with Jane Eyre!


    • Sorry Anna! All better now!


      • Ha ha! Thank you. Although I know a lot of men LOVE My Brother Jack!


  5. Hey, thanks, Louisa!


  6. LOVE your list, La Divina! And you know how much I adore Matthew!


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