A Romance Specialist’s version of Nashville

Acting as our US Romance Correspondent, Booktopia’s Romance Specialist Haylee Nash stops into Nashville to sit on a Bookseller & Librarian Panel for the members of the Music City Romance Writers…plus some other stuff…

A week and a half (and several additional kilos) into my American tour, I stopped in the gorgeous historic town of Franklin to meet with the Music City Romance Writers of Nashville, a dynamic and successful chapter of the Romance Writers of America. A couple of other brilliant things  happened too, like a karaoke evening, drinks with a Grammy nominated artist and a restorative lunch at Chili’s.

Here’s the recap – in pictures – which will give you a far better idea of my experience of Nashville than any written blog I could possibly string together. Feel free to fill the blanks between photos any way you like.

Many thanks to the Music City Romance Writers, specifically Susan Bickford for the tour of Franklin, and Monica McCabe for the lift home, Kim Law and C.J. Redwine for inviting me to the panel and Nashville for having us!

Haylee Nash is Romance Specialist at Booktopia and, by now, is about 80% Mac and Cheese.

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  1. Jealous! Looks like you’re having a fab time!


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