Australia’s Favourite Novelist 2014 – You decide

2013 winner Kate Morton

This month we’re back with the poll that stops the nation, as we ask you who is Australia’s Favourite Novelist for 2014.

Booktopia is Australia’s Local Bookstore, Australia’s truly locally owned and operated online bookstore, full of people who love books and more importantly, Australian books.

January at Booktopia is the month of Australian Stories. To celebrate, we need your help to discover Australia’s Favourite Novelist, living or dead, via the incredible history of Australian writing.

Could last year’s runner up Tim Winton win on the back of 2013’s Eyrie?

Please help us by lodging your favourite authors over the next week. At the end of the week we’ll take all your suggestions and put them into heats where you can champion your favourite. The process is all underneath to let you know how this huge event is taking place.

Once we have a top 50, we’ll put it to a worldwide vote right here, on our blog, where thousands come to visit every day. If you love Australian writers, this is your chance to speak up and be heard!

Then, on the week leading up to Australia Day, we’ll count down your votes from 50 to 1, with Australia’s favourite novelist to be announced on Friday the 24th of January, just in time for Australia Day celebrations!


WEEK ONE – JAN 1-5 – Let us know your nominations for your favourite Australian novelists. As many as you like, anyone who you think deserves recognition. If you are lucky enough to have a friend who is a writer who you believe in, champion them! You can do this through….

–          Email us at

–          Tweet us on @booktopia

–          Let us know on Facebook at

WEEK TWO – JAN 6-12 – The Heats! We’ll take all your nominations and split them up into groups you can vote on. Every day from Monday to Friday a new list will appear with new names. This will decide who makes the final cut! With so many names, just a few votes could take your favourite from yesterday’s news to immortality.

WEEK THREE – JAN 13-19 – Only the best of the best will make it through to the final poll. We’ll have this poll up all week. This will be the final chance to cheer for your favourite Australian Novelist.

WEEK FOUR – A WEEK OF AUSTRALIAN STORY-TELLERS – Voting will close on Monday the 20th of January at 9am. From Monday we’ll count up the top 50 and announce them in order, unveiling 10 every day, and then…..

Australia’s 10 favourite novelists will be announced on Friday the 24th of January. We’ll be profiling all of the top 10 authors and the books that have made them your favourites. It’s a online festival of Australian writing!

9 Responses

  1. Just started reading Tony Parker’s “Safari”. It is going to be one heck of an interesting, exciting and adventurous and intriguing read! I would like to nominate him for this competition, if that is possible on here. He knows Africa and his many books based in that country make you feel you are right there, and it is hard to put the books down. Very topical too these days with all the news about poaching over there. (Safari).


  2. Nicole Alexander.


  3. My vote for Australia’s Favourite Author is Kendall Talbot


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  5. I vote for LIZ BTRSKI – love her writing.


  6. Amber Averay


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  9. Looking forward to seeing the Top 50!


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