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REVIEW: Maestra by L.S. Hilton

The buzz around this book is incredible. It has been sold into so many countries around the world I have lost count. In the tradition of Fifty Shades, Gone Girl, and Girl on a Train, Maestra by L.S. Hilton has all the hallmarks of a bestseller. You’ll be seeing people reading this on planes, trains, buses, down at the beach, in parks – wherever people have a minute to sneak in anoth... Read more

by | February 15, 2016

REVIEW: Stoner by John L. Williams

Review by John Purcell I completely missed the talk about Stoner by John Williams. Originally published in 1965 to critical praise and few sales it sank like a stone until 2003 when it was rediscovered and celebrated as an American classic. I don’t know what I was doing at the time. Probably sitting in my second-hand bookshop reading and taking no notice of the world. Blissful memories. W... Read more

by | January 22, 2016

REVIEW: My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante

Review by John Purcell Why do I put off reading books which come with a great many excellent recommendations? Is it some residue from my adolescent self, standing firm against the coercion of the group? Probably something as stupid as that. Well, I’m glad I overcame that foolishness when it came to picking up this much lauded, discussed and recommended novel, which is the first in a serie... Read more

by | January 20, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (Review by John Purcell)

I read this book many years ago and for the two weeks it took me to read it, I felt like a genius. However, closing the book having read the last page, I found to my dismay that I had returned to my natural moronic state. Only quite recently I bought the audio book online. It was a drunk purchase, one I immediately regretted on discovering when popping it on in the car (I’d sobered up by ... Read more

by | November 10, 2015

Michael Connelly on Bosch, crime and his amazing career

Michael Connelly is one of the world’s most acclaimed and highest selling crime authors in the world. He chats to John Purcell. Grab a copy of The Burning Room here The Burning Room  by Michael Connelly A bullet takes ten years to find its mark. Now Bosch must find the killer … Detective Harry Bosch and his new partner investigate a recent murder where the trigger was pulled years e... Read more

by | September 14, 2015