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Vote for the Greatest Romance of All Time!

This Valentine’s Day we’re asking you to vote for the Greatest Love Story of All Time. We’ve narrowed the field down to 50 novels (most of them not strictly romance novels), but you can also add your own. So go on, have your say! But hurry, voting closes at midnight tonight! Love the Love of Love? Check out our Romance collection! Read more

by | February 14, 2016

Our Fave 5 Regency Wallflowers

We are hopelessly devoted to wallflower Regency romances! The shy or just stubbornly independent (and most of the time rightfully so) women of these stories start out as wallflowers but with a little help from a Rake or Prude, they end up as heroines. These Rakes and Prudes help them see that they’re more than what they are; or annoy them enough that they fight back. This, however, can pr... Read more

by | February 13, 2016