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stone-creek-arizona-order-now-for-your-chance-to-win-Stone Creek, Arizona

by Linda Lael Miller

The Man From Stone Creek

There was trouble in Haven, Arizona, and Ranger Sam O’Ballivan was determined to sort it out. Badge and gun hidden, he arrived posing as the new school teacher, and discovered his first task was to bring the rough ranchers’ children under control. So he started with a call on Maddie Chancelor, the local postmistress, and older sister of a young boy in need of discipline.

It never occurred to Sam that Maddie would turn out to be more…


The Farmer’s Perfect Matchthe-farmer-s-perfect-match

by Marilyn Forsyth

One farmer + two stunning girls competing for his affection = 1 hit reality show

Gorgeous farmer Adam Armstrong loves his life — he owns and runs his own piece of heaven, a successful pearl farm, and spends his days outdoors in Australia’s stunning Kimberley. There’s just one thing missing: someone to share it with, but when you live in one of the most uninhabited places on Earth it’s not easy to meet the perfect woman.

Enter Evangeline Sinclair, PA for more…


by Amy Andrews, Ros Baxter

What would you do differently if your days were…


Live every day like it was your last.

Mathematician and many-time Loser in Love Poppy Devine believes in being prepared. So when she discovers she has breast cancer, all she has to do is more…


Under the Spanish Starsunder-the-spanish-stars-order-now-for-your-chance-to-win-

by Alli Sinclair

Charlotte Kavanagh’s beloved grandma Katarina Sanchez is gravely ill, so when she begs Charlotte to travel to her homeland in Andalucia to uncover the truth behind a mysterious painting, Charlotte agrees. Taking leave from her soul-destroying job and stalled life in Australia, Charlotte embarks on a quest through Granada’s ancient cobble-stoned streets and vibrant neighbourhoods. There she meets Mateo Vives, a flamenco guitarist with a dark past, and through him she quickly becomes entangled in the world of flamenco and gypsies that more…

xthe-horse-thief.jpg.pagespeed.ic.U9QxuqKhXMThe Horse Thief

by Tea Cooper

Can she save her family’s horse stud and reputation?

When India Kilhampton is caught up in the heart-stopping excitement of the first Melbourne Cup her mind is made up. She will breed a horse to win the coveted trophy and reunite her fractured family. Determined to make her dream a reality she advertises for a horse breeder.

Jim Mawgan arrives at Helligen Stud in the Hunter Valley to take up more…

Discovering Stelladiscovering-stella

by K. M. Golland

Only those who are lost can be found.

Stella Walker is fleeing from a past which haunts her on a daily basis, and from a city full of painful reminders of a life that’s no longer hers. In an attempt to escape her memories, she plans to reinvent herself in the sanctuary of a tiny town in rural Victoria, by tracking down the one person she hopes can help, her stepbrother. What Stella doesn’t anticipate is meeting his best friend Lawson Drake, a hotter-than-hot mechanic, the local knight in shining armour – and the most gorgeously more…

buying-thymeBuying Thyme

by TJ Hamilton

What else comes at a price?

Miranda is a high-class escort at an infamous agency in Sydney, and always in demand from their top clients. Although it’s a life she never imagined for herself, Miranda has mastered the art of seducing men and makes a good living from it.

Joe Tench, rich, powerful and more…

Summers with Juliettexsummers-with-juliette.jpg.pagespeed.ic.1jxh4cLHXI

by Emily Madden

No matter where, no matter when, no matter what.

Almost twenty years ago, on a beautiful coastal cliff, Juliette Cole, Anna Kendall and Sera Di Maggio linked pinkies and made a vow to be there for each other no matter what might happen in their lives.

Now Juliette is calling in the promise — terminally ill, she wants more…

outback-emergency-order-now-for-your-chance-to-win-Outback Emergency

by Marion Lennox, Fiona Lowe, Lucy Clark

The Doctor’s Rescue Mission – Marion Lennox

A tidal wave has swept across Petrel Island. Houses are destroyed, people injured, homeless…or worse. Dr. Grady Reece leads an Air-Sea Rescue team to help the isolated community…and finds dedicated doctor Morag Lacy in charge.

Morag and Grady once had a blazing affair and a brilliant future, before she left him to be the island doctor. Grady has never stopped loving her – but she’ll never more…

Feels Like Homexfeels-like-home.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ff6d2shuJi

by Lisa Ireland

Lisa Ireland, a brilliant new voice in rural romance, invites you to Linden Gully and the wedding of the year…

When celebrity novelist Johanna Morgan surprises everyone by arriving back in Linden Gully three weeks early for her best friend’s wedding, she’s shocked to find her ex-boyfriend Ryan Galloway is back too and well-integrated in the community as the local more…

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BOOK REVIEW: Summer Skin by Kirsty Eagar (Review by Sarah McDuling)

summer skinReview by Sarah McDuling

Summer Skin really and truly blew me away. I can’t remember the last time I had a reading experience that was so wonderfully surprising! When I picked up this book I expected a cute, fluffy YA romance and instead what I got was a smart, hard-hitting and emotionally weighted love story full of incredibly rich and layered characters. At turns shockingly honest and wildly funny, with moments of such raw vulnerability that it just breaks your heart … Summer Skin does not pull any punches. This is no-holds-barred storytelling at its best!

Covering a range of topics such as gender politics, sexual desire, slut shaming and rape culture, Summer Skin has a lot of important things to say – and it says them without once preaching or lecturing. Summer Skin deals with a lot of topical issues within the framework of a very engaging love story. Well written and sharply focused, it offers readers an authentic snapshot of Australian youth culture.

Ideal for fans of Melina Marchetta, Vikki Wakefield and Maureen McCarthy.

* Please note this book is marketed at teens aged 17+ and contains some material that may be considered unsuitable for younger readers.

Grab your SIGNED copy of Summer Skin here!

Summer Skin

by Kirsty Eagar

summer skinA searingly honest and achingly funny story about love and sex amid the hotbed of university colleges by the award-winning author of Raw Blue. Jess Gordon is out for revenge. Last year the jocks from Knights College tried to shame her best friend. This year she and a hand-picked college girl gang are going to get even.

The lesson: don’t mess with Unity girls. The target: Blondie, a typical Knights stud, arrogant, cold…and smart enough to keep up with Jess.

A neo-riot grrl with a penchant for fanning the flames meets a rugby-playing sexist pig – sworn enemies or two people who happen to find each other when they’re at their most vulnerable?

Grab your SIGNED copy of Summer Skin here!

Nine Naughty Questions with… Maisey Yates, author of Hometown Heartbreaker

hometown-heartbreakerThe Booktopia Book Guru asks

Maisey Yates

author of Hometown Heartbreaker

Nine Naughty Questions


Headless washboard abs, a torrid embrace, the sprawling homestead, an elegantly dressed décolletage, or the vaguely kinky object against a dark background – what’s your favourite type of romance cover and why?

I really like a clinch cover, personally. It’s classic romance to me. I like seeing the couple together, and I like how clinch covers often give you a sense of the story setting.

2. What is the secret life of a romance writer? What goes on between you and your keyboard (or quill) behind closed doors?

Basically a lot of coffee consumption, good friends available to answer my random texts when I’m having a story crisis and a lot of emailing, Facebooking and…yes, writing. That’s the most essential part!

3. At the heart of a romantic story is the way in which the main characters reveal their true natures to each other. How much of yourself do you put into your characters, and have their stories been affected by your personal experiences?NewPic-967x1024

I think my own personal experiences definitely inform how I look at the situations in a story. None of us are neutral. I don’t write characters that I always agree with, and I work hard to empathize with them and their decisions, which for me is where the main personal stuff comes in. I may never have been a small town rancher trying to keep the family spread from going under, but I’ve been afraid. I’ve wanted things. I’ve lost things. And I think as a writer you need to draw on those honest, universal emotions because that’s what makes your story resonate with readers.

4. I’m interested in how you differentiate between romance fiction, erotica and porn. Are romance readers getting naughtier?

I think romance fiction as a broad term is simply a story where the romantic relationship is at the center, and there is a happy ending. (Basically following the Romance Writers of America definition there.) Within that, there can be explicit sex, no sex and everything in between. Regardless, the story is the focus. The romantic journey is the focus – whether or not it includes love scenes. They’re simply part of it.

Erotic romance is more sexually focused, but still has a HEA. The emotional arc is tied to the sex scenes. The emotional journey of the characters still matters, it’s just that they’re working those emotions out through sex.

Erotica is different still in that it doesn’t necessarily require a happy ending (at least not of the traditional fairy tale sort…).

I think romance has always had a range of heat levels. I’m not fond of the term ‘not your mother’s romance’ mostly because…I hate to break it to you, but your mom’s romance was pretty hot too. Do I think the sexuality in romance is more front and center now as women feel more liberated to discuss it? Yes. That is probably true.

I feel like porn is one of those things…you really don’t have to question when you’ve seen it. You know. It exists purely for sexual gratification and no other reason. The emotional journey isn’t part of it.

I find it fascinating that a film like Shame for example can be sexually explicit and win awards, and not be accused of being pornography by most people, and yet the presence of sex in romance novels is this big talking point. Which I feel pertains to the fact that it is marketed to women, and is an extension of women being told that the things they enjoy are silly or fluffy or wrong in some way.

hometown-heartbreaker5. Please tell us about your latest novel!

Hometown Heartbreaker is a novella in my ongoing Copper Ridge Series, set in a small Oregon town. It’s the story of Aiden, a farmer’s son desperate to keep his alcoholic father from destroying the family business, and Casey, a woman who has spent her whole life moving from place to place.

It was fun to write the dynamic between the vulnerable bad girl who has never depended on anyone, never put down roots, and the solid, good guy who has really never been anywhere but his small town.

And it’s always fun for me to revisit Copper Ridge and give my readers glimpses of other favourite characters, like Eli from Part Time Cowboy and Ace from the upcoming One Night Charmer.

Buy your copy of Hometown Heartbreaker here

6. What’s the most memorable reaction you’ve received after a friend or family member read one of your books?

One of my friends called it marriage therapy for under $5. I was okay with that.

7. Romance writers are sometimes denigrated and asked when they’ll write ‘real’ books – what do you tell the haters?

It’s hard not to just laugh at them. Because it’s such a ridiculous sentiment, and it stems from their lack of education, both about the genre and about the publishing industry as a whole.

But that aside, I’m very proud of what I do, and I believe strongly in my books. I have no trouble telling anyone that I love what I write. I feel good about writing books that focus on love, which is something our world desperately needs.

8. Romance readers love discovering new authors. Please tell us about five books you recently read and loved to bits.9781250051783 (1)

So many books!

I’m cheating by recommending a series but… The Hathaway Series by Lisa Kleypas (alpha males, regency England, forbidden love…so good!)

Rebel Cowboy by Nicole Helm – Ex-hockey player turned llama rancher hero and the heroine he hires to help teach him how to handle his new land in Montana.

Edge of Obsession by Megan Crane – Erotic dystopian Vikings. What more do you need?

You Are Mine by Jackie Ashenden – A dark contemporary romance with a hint of suspense. The hero is to die for.

Castelli’s Virgin Widow by Caitlin Crews – I was lucky to read this M&B Sexy early, and it’s just fantastic high fantasy goodness.

9. Please tell us your favourite scene from your latest book, and why it’s particularly delicious!

I think my favourite scene is when Casey realizes that Aiden’s family and home and security – all things she’s never had – aren’t really an asset to him because of the cost. That he has a deficit too because no one in his life really loves him. I love when the differences in characters become the catalyst that really affects change.

Maisey, thank you for playing.

hometown-heartbreakerHometown Heartbreaker

A Copper Ridge Novella

by Maisey Yates

He knows that Copper Ridge’s newest bartender is running from her past… but will he recognize that she’s his last chance at salvation before she leaves town?

Aiden Crawford knows all about responsibilities. He’s already shouldering more than his share when beautiful drifter Casey James cruises into town with a broken car, a chip on her shoulder, and enough secrets to have her ready to leave Copper Ridge the second she can afford the auto mechanic’s bill. Aiden has more…

Buy your copy of Hometown Heartbreaker here


And the Finalists for the 2015 Australian Romance Readers Awards are…


The Australian Romance Readers Association have announced the finalists for the 2015 Australian Romance Readers Awards…..and the end result is delectable. ARRA members can now vote for their favourite in each category, but you have until 28 February to vote!

Winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner, which will be held on 19 March 2016. For more details about the night click here.

Favourite Paranormal Romance

Aquila by Sue-Ellen Pashley
Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh
Midnight’s Kiss by Thea Harrison
Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh
Spiritbound by Dani Kristoff
The MacGregor by Jenny Brigalow
Tribal Law by Shannon Curtis

Favourite Sci Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance

1916-ish by Ebony McKenna
Base by Cathleen Ross
Chaos Broken by Rebekah Turner
Dark Horse by Michelle Diener
Honour Bound by M.A. Grant
Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews
The Diabolical Miss Hyde by Viola Carr

Favourite Short/Category Romance – proudly sponsored by Harlequin Australia

Bound to the Bachelor by Sarah Mayberry
Fire Me Up by Rachael Johns
Her Big Sky Cowboy by Alissa Callen
Hired by the Brooding Billionaire by Kandy Shepherd
Hold Me, Cowboy by Alissa Callen
Seducing His Enemy’s Daughter by Annie West
The Billionaire’s Passionate Revenge by Jennifer St George
The Millionaire and the Maid by Michelle Douglas
The Sultan’s Harem Bride by Annie West
What a Bachelor Needs by Kelly Hunter

Favourite Historical Romance

A Pirate for Christmas by Anna Campbell
A Scoundrel by Moonlight by Anna Campbell
Chieftain in the Making by Frances Housden
Moonstone Conspiracy by Elizabeth Ellen Carter
The Duke’s Daughter by Sasha Cottman
The Horse Thief by Tea Cooper
The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long
The Protector by Allison Butler
The Seduction of Lord Stone by Anna Campbell
The Spring Bride by Anne Gracie

Favourite Contemporary Romance

Honor’s Promise by Noelle Clark
Lawless in Leather by Melanie Scott
Only We Know by Victoria Purman
So Far Into You by Lily Malone
Sweet Wattle Creek by Kaye Dobbie
The Deal by Elle Kennedy
The Patterson Girls by Rachael Johns
The Road to Hope by Rachael Johns
The Saddler Boys by Fiona Palmer
The Secret Years by Barbara Hannay

Favourite Erotic Romance

Anticipation by Sarah Mayberry
Exhibition by Nicolette Hugo
Revue by K.M. Golland
The Arrangement by Nicolette Hugo

Favourite Romantic Suspense

A Dangerous Arrangement by Lee Christine
Cold Deception by D.B. Tait
Desperate Deception by D.B. Tait
Northern Heat by Helene Young
Runaway Lies by Shannon Curtis
Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz
Storm Clouds by Bronwyn Parry
Treasured Secrets by Kendall Talbot

Favourite Continuing Romance Series

Chance Sisters series by Anne Gracie
Elder Races series by Thea Harrison
Hope Junction series by Rachael Johns
Jackson Brothers series by Kelly Hunter
Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews
London Steampunk series by Bec McMaster
Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy
Robinhill Farm series by Noelle Clark
Sons of Sin series by Anna Campbell
The Hawke Brothers series by Rachel Bailey
Treasured series by Kendall Talbot

Favourite Australian Romance Author 2015 – proudly sponsored by Booktopia

Amy Andrews
Anna Campbell
Anne Gracie
Cathryn Hein
Kelly Hunter
Keri Arthur
Kylie Scott
Noelle Clark
Rachael Johns
Sarah Mayberry

And the finalists for the Members’ Choice categories are …

Favourite Cover from a romance published in 2015

Northern Heat by Helene Young
Runaway Lies by Shannon Curtis
Second Chance Love by Susanne Bellamy
Storm Clouds by Bronwyn Parry
Summer and the Groomsman by Cathryn Hein
The Diabolical Miss Hyde by Viola Carr
The Horse Thief by Tea Cooper
The Seduction of Lord Stone by Anna Campbell
The Spring Bride by Anne Gracie
Wicked Embers by Keri Arthur

The Strongest Heroine from a romance published in 2015

Claire Swensen in Second Chance Love by Susanne Bellamy
Jane Chance in The Spring Bride by Anne Gracie
Julia Taylor in Cold Deception by DB Tait
Kristy Dark in Northern Heat by Helene Young
Natalie Wright from The Saddler Boys by Fiona Palmer
Rosalina in Treasured Lies by Kendall Talbot

Favourite New Romance Author for 2015

Abbie Jackson
Elyse Huntington
Joanne Dannon
Kerrie Paterson
Lizzy Chandler
Nicolette Hugo
Sue-Ellen Pashley

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COMING SOON: A sweeping Australian love story of obsession, mystery and love. Janine Grey, author of upcoming Desert Flame answers our Ten Terrifying Questions.


The Booktopia Book Guru asks

Janine Grey

author of Desert Flame

Ten Terrifying Questions

1. To begin with why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself – where were you born? Raised? Schooled?
English-born, raised and schooled, I learnt to read early and insatiably. As a child on long car journeys, I would read out loud to my family, which may have helped to keep my three younger sisters entertained, but possibly not so my poor parents, given that my reading preferences at that stage were focused on The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. After school and against the wishes of my parents, I moved to London to study journalism, which was the only avenue I could envisage for a budding writer, and then relocated to Sydney in my mid-twenties.

2. What did you want to be when you were twelve, eighteen and thirty? And why?
At twelve, I’m not sure if I had a clear idea of what I wanted to be although I was already writing short stories, but by eighteen, my ambitions were focused on a career in magazine journalism. I imagined an incredibly glamorous life of interviewing celebrities and writing insightful pieces on the state of the world. In reality, my first job was on a trade magazine for office equipment buyers! At thirty, I was already writing romance fiction, with more enthusiasm than expertise, and had a dream of making a career of it – although I didn’t really know how to make it happen.

3. What strongly held belief did you have at eighteen that you do not have now?
It’s not quite a belief, but at eighteen, I felt as if I had all the time in the world to achieve my dreams. At some point in my thirties, time seemed to speed up and I realised that you have a finite time on this earth so if you want to achieve something, you just have to make it happen. Imagining writing a book doesn’t make you a writer. You have to actually do it.

4. What were three works of art – book or painting or piece of music, etc – you can now say, had a great effect on you and influenced your own development as a writer?
Firstly, I’d have to say the Australian film My Brilliant Career, which I saw at school when I was 16 or 17. It struck an immediate chord with me, making me realise I could be a writer, but that I was going to have to fight for it as other people had different career paths for me in mind.

I’m also very inspired by the sculpture of Henry Moore that sits outside the Art Gallery of NSW. It’s so evocative and sensual, which is the atmosphere I try to create for my readers (not sure if I’m quite there yet!). Lastly, I’d have to nominate Brett Whiteley’s Balcony 2, again for its sensuality and vibrancy.

Balcony 2

Brett Whiteley’s Balcony 2

5. Considering the innumerable artistic avenues open to you, why did you choose to write a novel?
I would probably see my writing as a craft rather than an artistic endeavour. Really, it’s been pretty much the only thing I was good at and was passionate about. I tried to learn the piano but was hopeless and my singing resembles a dying frog. I would love to paint or produce pottery, and maybe one day I will give them a go … but only for my own enjoyment and not to inflict on the world.

6. Please tell us about your latest novel…
Desert Flame is a romantic suspense set against the backdrop of Australian opal mining. At the centre is Eliza Maybedesert-flamerry, whose privileged world comes crashing down around her ears when her father dies. On the verge of losing the business that has been in her family for generations, she has no option but to take over the last remaining case, which means tracking down the elusive Fingal McLeod in the harsh Australian outback and bringing him back to Sydney.

Fin, however, has other priorities – finding a valuable black opal that will mean redemption for his family. Eliza and Fin couldn’t be more different but – without giving too much away – both are trying to come to terms with their past and find their place in the world. And neither can resist the flame that burns between them.

7. What do you hope people take away with them after reading your work?
I love books that sweep me away into the middle of a captivating place or situation or relationship so I hope that Desert Flame does that for readers. As it’s a romance at its heart, I also hope that readers fall in love with the characters and want them to work out a way to be together despite their differences. I wrote it purely as an entertaining story and didn’t realise until I’d finished that there was also an underlying message about forging our own destiny, which can be quite different from the life that is mapped out for us. So if it reinforces the idea that you can ‘change your stars’, that is great.

8. Whom do you most admire in the realm of writing and why?
Haha – way too many to count! In the world of women’s fiction and romance, you have to pay homage to the incredible Nora Roberts for her consistency and longevity, her wonderful ear for dialogue and endearing secondary characters. She is definitely the gold standard there.

Secondly, for scorching sexual tension between heroine and hero, I would nominate Linda Howard at her best. In her romance Son of the Morning, the heroine and hero don’t get together until the final chapters but nevertheless it is the most passionate book of its kind I have ever read.

And I think in Kate Morton, Australia has unearthed a fabulous writer of gothic romance. Her work is delicious. Long may it continue!

son-of-the-morning stars-of-fortune-order-now-for-your-chance-to-win-kate morton









9. Many artists set themselves very ambitious goals. What are yours?
Some days I want to conquer the world; other days it’s a triumph just to finish the chapter! My main aim is to grow as a writer, and develop those subtle touches that, for a reader, seem to give a book an effortless, page-turning flow. Being a great prevaricator if left to my own devices, this year I’ve also tried to be a lot more disciplined about my writing in terms of having a routine and sticking to it, which I’ve mostly achieved.

My other objective – to finish one book before starting another – is still a work in progress. You wouldn’t believe the number of partial manuscripts I have on my laptop. I blame all the characters in my head demanding their stories be told.

10. What advice do you give aspiring writers?
Being none too experienced myself, I wouldn’t really dream of giving anyone advice. The only thing I would say to anyone struggling to finish a book – and from talking to aspiring writers, this seems to be a constant refrain – there is no magic combination of talent and inspiration that will get it done; it takes routine, discipline, perseverance. Even if what you write initially isn’t great, it will improve with practice and your writing will become more second nature. You might even have the occasional moment where inspiration does elevate your work. But mostly it’s hard work, even when you love it.

Janine, Thank you for playing!

Grab your copy of Desert Flame here!

Desert Flame

Janine Grey

desert-flameA sweeping Australian love story from the author of Southern Star.

When her beloved father dies, Eliza Mayberry’s privileged world comes crashing down around her. On the verge of losing the business that has been in her family for generations, she has no option but to take over the last remaining case: tracking down the elusive Fingal McLeod in outback New South Wales and bringing him back to Sydney.

Fin, however, has other ideas.  Determined to find the legendary Dark Flame, a rare opal that has eluded opal-hunters for decades, he has no intention of leaving his mine to reunite with the family who abandoned him – even for the beguiling Miss Mayberry … Read more.


Grab your copy of Desert Flame here!

GUEST BLOG: Bestselling author Fiona Palmer on what she’s been reading

Fiona PalmerHarvest has started over here in the West of Australia but the rain keeps coming and holding up the headers. I’ve been a bit busy with visits to Perth for Monster Jam (with the kids), Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network meetings and related work, then throw in kids’ sports, carnivals, hockey and golf AGM’s, housework, farm work, and writing my next book, which means I haven’t got much time left to read. It’s really sad, but I’ve only managed to read one book in the last month, Rachael John’s The Patterson Girls.

Rachael is a great friend of mine, we have done a few book tours together and support each other in our writing. But that isn’t why I read her work. I pick up Rach’s books because she writes easy to read stories and has an engaging storytelling ability that keeps you turning each page frantic in anticipation. Her books are always full of emotion and The Patterson Girls was definitely that! It follows four different sisters who come home to spend Christmas with their father, six months after their mother has passed away. Each sister has their own journey and while together they learn of a family curse.  Rachael’s stories are going from strength to strength and she’s making a big name for herself.

Even though I haven’t read this next book I’m still recommending it because my mum read it and loved it. Anything my mum has enjoyed I know I will too. The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies is about Gwendolyn, who leaves her home at nineteen to travel across the world to Ceylon where her new husband Laurence owns a large and prosperous tea plantation. I’m keen to read this story because my grandfather was adopted when he came to Australia as a one-year-old from England. On his adoption papers it lists his father’s name, which states that he was in India working on a tea plantation and that is all we know of him. My mum said she couldn’t put it down, it had her intrigued and she said it was a beautifully written drama. I can’t wait to read it myself.

The Patterson Girls The Tea Planter's Wife












That’s it, just two books from me this time. I am busy trying to write my next book set in Lake Grace, which follows on from The Saddler Boys and includes a Vietnam veteran.  I’m looking forward to including all the little stories I’ve gathered from the vet’s I’ve been talking to. In the meantime, I’ll be spending most of my time on Holly, the New Holland header, and working on my plot as I harvest.

Grab your copy of The Saddler Boys here!

The Saddler Boys

Fiona Palmer The Saddler Boys

School teacher Natalie has always been a city girl. She has a handsome boyfriend and a family who give her only the best. But she craves her own space, and her own classroom, before settling down into the life she is expected to lead.

When Nat takes up a posting at a tiny school in remote Western Australia, it proves quite the culture shock, but she is soon welcomed by the inquisitive locals, particularly young student Billy and his intriguing single father, Drew.

As Nat’s school comes under threat of closure, and Billy’s estranged mother turns up out of the blue, Nat finds herself fighting for the township and battling with her heart. Torn between her society … Read more

Grab your copy of The Saddler Boys here!

Read an extract of The Saddler Boys

GUEST BLOG: Lauren Kate talks about her 5th Fallen novel, Unforgiven.

UnforgivenMy first vision of Unforgiven came to me accompanied by music: a stunning redhead strums a lyre beside an ancient river, making up a song about a boy whose existence she only senses. The fierce dreaminess of the music makes it clear she was always already in love.

I didn’t know Lilith when I wrote her briefly into Passion, but I knew her affair with Cam had determined much of his fate. She was the key to understanding him. When I met her again in Unforgiven, three thousand years had passed, but she was still singing the same mesmerizing song. An electric guitar and synthesizer added new texture, a rock band was now backing her, but the lyrics and the melody hadn’t changed.

Her song is called “Exile,” though Cam will always know it as “Lilith’s Song.” The song is real, as is Cam and Lilith’s band Revenge.

I’ve long wanted to tell Cam’s side of the story. The love expressed through Revenge’s music makes the release of Unforgiven especially exciting. I hope the story thrills you, and that you listen to Revenge’s music with someone you always already loved.

Grab your copy of Unforgiven here!


Lauren Kate

Unforgiven“High school can be hell.”

Cam knows what it’s like to be haunted. He’s spent more time in Hell than any angel ever should. And his freshest Hell is high school, where Lilith, the girl he can’t stop loving, is serving out a punishment for his crimes.

Cam made a bet with Lucifer: he has fifteen days to convince the only girl who really matters to him to love him again. If he succeeds, Lilith will be allowed back into the world, and they can live their lives together. But if he fails . . . there’s a special place in Hell just for him. Tick-tock.

The long-awaited new novel in the global bestselling Fallen series.

Grab your copy of Unforgiven here!

Watch the Book Trailer:

Grab your copy of Unforgiven here!

About the Author

Lauren KateThe author of several pseudonymous novels for Alloy’s Inside Girl series, as well as The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove, and the bestselling Fallen series, Lauren Kate grew up in Dallas, Texas. She received her Bachelor’s degree in the deep South at Emory University, then went to New York for a brief stint in publishing, before enrolling in the University of California’s Davis Master of Arts Creative Writing program. She finished her degree at UC Davis, where she also teaches. She lives and writes from an old farm house in Winters, California.

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