The Incompetent Cook Road Tests… Bill’s Italian Food by Bill Granger

Every couple of weeks Booktopia’s Andrew Cattanach reviews a cookbook. He is an Incompetent cook. He is The Incompetent Cook.

Bill’s Italian Food
by Bill Granger

The meals:

Mozzarella, Roasted Capsicum and Caper Pizza

Artichoke and Ham Lasagne

Pistachio and Orange Loaf Cake

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10 Most Influential Cookbooks (according to Sunday Life Magazine)

This is such a great list of cookbooks… I just had to post it.
All of the most requested and best loved cookbooks in Australia are represented.
These judges certainly know their stuff!

From the Fairfax papers today:

Inspiring cookbooks have played a big part in the rise of Australian cuisine. Nina Karnikowski, of the Sunday Life Magazine asks some of our best-known foodies to nominate the 10 most influential. To read the full article click here.

Sunday Life Magazine Judges: 1. Anna Gare, Junior MasterChef Australia host; 2. Marion Grasby, MasterChef Finalist; 3. Julie Gibbs, Publishing director of Lantern cookbooks; 4. Jill Dupleix, Author, cook and recipe tester; 5. Karen Martini, Sunday Life food editor; and 6. Christine Manfield, Chef and author.

1. The Margaret Fulton Cookbook

More than anyone else, Margaret Fulton has been credited as the woman who taught Australians how to cook. Hundreds of thousands of readers have discovered that it is not only Margaret Fulton’s ability to cook, but her talent in imparting her technique and knowledge to others that makes her such a trusted and authoritative kitchen companion.

This new edition of the Margaret Fulton Cookbook is a completely updated reissue of her classic cookbook, first published in 1968.With a smart contemporary design and all new food photographs taken by renowned photographer Geoff Lung, the book is set to reach a new generation of readers and cooks.

The book contains chapters that deal with fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, soups, salads, pasta and rice, desserts and cakes. Both the beginner and the gourmet cook will find recipes especially marked for them: all recipes have been coded according to their degree of difficulty involved and the time it takes to cook the dishes.

There are useful cookery hints on every page and line illustrations will lead readers step by step through techniques. Continue reading

4 ingredients make it moroccan with my grill and thai street food – places aplenty at Paris comp

I’ve just finished watching a 20 minute presentation from a US publishing guru about the opportunities created by changing technology in this industry – print on demand, e-books, words consumed on cross media platforms, the works. Publishing is turning on its head, and as fast we catch up in one area, it bolts off in another.

Australia is lagging with e-books and I for one can’t wait until there is plenty of new good Australian content available digitally, and we have some really affordable and really usable readers that don’t tie you into the American-e-tailer-who-must-not-be-named (and who takes about $150 million out of this country every year, paying zip tax here and employing nobody – don’t get me started). But however convenient, light weight and flexible the digital reader of choice becomes, it certainly won’t be the complete answer to the reading “platform”. It certainly will never take the place of books as treasured icons,  serving as silent reminders of where you were and what you did at certain points in your life.

And so I come to my treasured recipe book shelf! Dusty and be-splattered as it is, it is Continue reading


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