The 10 Stages of Realising Booktopia is Giving Away a Year’s Worth of Books this Booktoberfest

A GIF demonstration of the 10 Stages of Realising Booktopia is Giving Away a Year’s Worth of Books this Booktoberfest

1. Denial


Well that can’t be true, what an embarrassing typo.

2. Contemplation


Maybe it wasn’t a typo?

3. Excitement


OMG it’s true.

4. Rabid Excitement



5. Maths


How much is a year’s worth of books?

6. Doubt


I often read more than a book a week. A book could cost $20 so….no. No they couldn’t be giving away that much. It’s probably like $50 a month.

7. Realisation


Ah, yes $50.

A week?


8. Doubt Returns


For a prize like that you must have to do something really difficult or buy something expensive to enter. Surely…

9. Acceptance


Wait, you just have to buy any book from their Booktoberfest range? Just one book? And the range is full of expert picks and the best new books out now and pre-orders in the lead up to Christmas? I could buy ONE BOOK and then win a year’s worth of them?

10. Let’s Do This


Let’s do this…

Booktoberfest2015_NewsletterBanner-616x150pxClick here to enter Booktoberfest

Welcome to Booktoberfest! Make yourself at home…

October at Booktopia means Booktoberfest.

So….what is Booktoberfest? Andrew Cattanach answers all your questions…


Hello everyone. Thanks for being here.

Firstly, thank you for coming to this Q&A about Booktoberfest. You, in the back, wearing lederhosen and drinking a 5L mug of beer, I think you’re in the wrong room.

Booktoberfest is Booktopia’s month long celebration of books, authors, publishers and of course you, the readers. It happens every October, the perfect time to take stock of the best titles of the year so far and also brace ourselves for the big Christmas titles.

And there are prizes. Soooooooooooooo many prizes.

Okay, there you are. any questions?

Did you say prizes?

Hells yeah. Prizes aplenty. We’re giving away fiction, non fiction and children’s prize packs worth over $2000 RRP, as well as a giveaway every day on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Oh, and there’s also the major prize.

A year’s worth of books.

Did you say a year’s worth of books?



Look, there’s no need to shout, but yes. We’re giving away a year’s worth of books to one lucky Booktopia customer. All you need to do is buy from anything in our Booktoberfest range during October, and you could win the big prize.

What else can we expect from Booktoberfest?

Just a big, bookish festival really. Our experts will be profiling their favourite books from their favourite genres on our website and we’ll be posting reviews of our favourite books every day of Booktoberfest here, on The Booktopia Blog.

Some of our favourite authors will also be dropping by to publish some exclusive content for your reading pleasure.

Will there be Pony Rides?

Unlikely, in a digital space. But never say never.

I like Pony Rides.

I’m going to take that as a comment. Perhaps my good friend John Purcell can explain it a little further, John, are you there?



Full List of 2014 Booktoberfest Prize Winners – Are You a Winner?

Booktoberfest - Rotating HomePage Banner 770x200 - FINAL

Booktoberfest is over for 2014, but for some lucky folks the celebrations have only just begun!

Some of our publishing partners put up some amazing prizes, before we do anything we’re giving a huge shout out to all our awesome participating publishing partners.

Allen & Unwin, Bloomsbury, Bolinda, The Five Miles Press, Hachette, Hardie Grant, Harlequin, HarperCollins, Lonely Plant, Pan Macmillan, Murdoch Books, Penguin, Random House, Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, Text Publishing, Thames and Hudson, Walker Books and Woodslane, we love you and the remarkable books you help create year after year, supporting homegrown talent as you do.

And thanks to all the authors who contributed pieces to our blog, inspiring us all!

And last but not least, a huge thanks to all our incredible readers who have helped make this year’s Booktoberfest so memorable, spreading the word of books near and far.

So without further ado, it’s time to announce some winners!


Allen & Unwin Prize

Booktobefest - Allen & Unwin - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3


S.Mills, Glenroy, VIC


Bloomsbury Prize

Booktobefest - Bloomsbury - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

C.Bell, Murray Bridge, SA

bolindaBolinda Prize

Booktobefest - Bolinda - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v1

D.Johnstone, Warragul, VIC


The Five Mile Press Prize

Booktobefest - The Five Mile Press - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

A.Hill, Mount Nathan, QLD


Hachette Australia Prize

Booktobefest - Hachette - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

R.Corrigan, Rathmines, NSW


Hardie Grant Books Prize

Booktobefest - Hardie Grant - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v1

K.Wooster, Moorabbin, VIC


Harlequin Prize

Booktobefest - Harlequin - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

G.Egan, Dee Why, NSW


HarperCollins Prize

Booktobefest - Harpercollins - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

W.Soeterboek, Wollongong, NSW


Lonely Planet Prize

Booktobefest - Lonely Planet - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

R.S.See, South Brisbane Bc, QLD


Pan Macmillan Australia Prize

Booktobefest - Pan MacMillian - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

S.Partridge, Manly West, QLD


Murdoch Books Prize


T.Ponich, Church Point, NSW


Penguin Books Australia Prize


T.Williams, Ultimo, NSW


Random House Prize

Booktobefest - Random House - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

P.Whitehead, Newtown, VIC

Scholastic Prize

Booktobefest - Scholastic - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

E.Schneider, Ormeau Hills, QLD


Simon & Schuster Australia Prize

Booktobefest - Simon _ Schuster - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

J.DeBroughe, Ashburton, VIC


Text Publishing Prize

Booktobefest - Text Publishing - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

N.Croce, Camberwell, VIC


Thames & Hudson Prize

Booktobefest - Thames _ Hudson - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

I.Robinson, Alexandria, NSW


Walker Books Prize

Booktobefest - Walker Books - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

R.Karim, Five Dock, NSW


Woodslane Prize

Booktobefest - Woodslane - Publisher Prize 495x302 - v3

J.O’Brien, Millthorpe, NSW

Not a winner? Don’t sweat it! We have a ton of prizes that you could win in time for Christmas!


Are you a Booktoberfest prize winner in Week 4?

Booktoberfest - Rotating HomePage Banner 770x200 - FINAL


Booktopia Weekly Prize Draw :

$250 Booktopia Gift Voucher

Week 1 – L.Pettit, Merewether, NSW

Week 2 – M.Taylor, Marrickville, NSW

Week 3 – A.Brozicevich, Fremantle, WA

Week 4 – A.Braatvedt, Brisbane, QLD

Not a winner? Don’t sweat it! We’ll be announcing the winners of the Publisher Showcase prizes on November 12th.

And we have a ton of prizes that you could win in time for Christmas!


Celebrate Booktoberfest with Booktopia and Text Publishing- you could win a prize pack worth over $700!

Celebrate Booktoberfest with Booktopia and Text Publishing and you could win this amazing prize pack worth over $700!!!

Just buy any title in Text Publishing’s Booktoberfest Showcase and you could win!

Click here to enter Text Publishing’s showcase

Our Top Pick

The Rosie Effect

by Graeme Simsion

‘We’ve got something to celebrate,’ Rosie said.

I am not fond of surprises, especially if they disrupt plans already in place. I assumed that she had achieved some important milestone with her thesis. Or perhaps she had been offered a place in the psychiatry-training programme. This would be extremely good news, and I estimated the probability of sex at greater than 80%.

‘We’re pregnant,’ she said.

The Rosie Project was an international publishing phenomenon, with more than a million copies sold in over forty countries around the world. Now Graeme Simsion returns with the highly anticipated sequel, The Rosie Effect.

Don Tillman and Rosie Jarman are now married and living in New York. Don has been teaching while Rosie completes her second year at Columbia Medical School. Just as Don is about to announce that Gene, his philandering best friend from Australia, is coming to stay, Rosie drops a bombshell: she’s pregnant.

In true Tillman style, Don instantly becomes an expert on all things obstetric. But in between immersing himself in a new research study on parenting and implementing the Standardised Meal System (pregnancy version), Don’s old weaknesses resurface. And while he strives to get the technicalities right, he gets the emotions all wrong, and risks losing Rosie when she needs him most.

The Rosie Effect is the charming and hilarious romantic comedy of the year.

Click here to enter Text Publishing’s showcase

Celebrate Booktoberfest with Booktopia and Thames & Hudson- you could win a prize pack worth $700!

Celebrate Booktoberfest with Booktopia and Thames & Hudson and you could win this amazing prize pack worth over $700!!!

Just buy any title in Thames & Hudson’s Booktoberfest Showcase and you could win!

Click here to enter Thames & Hudson’s showcase

Our Top Pick

The Forever House

by Cameron Bruhn, Katelin Butler

Imagine a home designed and built especially for your family to grow, evolve and create memories in over a lifetime.

The Forever House celebrates 23 such dwellings through the intimate stories of the families and architects who created them.

Featuring the Seidler house in Sydney and an introduction from Peggy Seidler for the 60’s section, The Forever House covers the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with an essay introducing each section.

These are homes, still lived in today by the families that had them commissioned.

Click here to enter Thames & Hudson’s showcase

Celebrate Booktoberfest with Booktopia and The Five Mile Press- you could win a prize pack worth $999!

Celebrate Booktoberfest with Booktopia and The Five Mile Press and you could win this amazing prize pack worth $999!!

Just buy any title in The Five Mile Press Booktoberfest Showcase and you could win!

Click here to enter The Five Mile Press showcase

Our Top Pick

Little Elliot, Big City

by Mike Curato

Amid the hustle and bustle, the big crowds and bigger buildings, Little Elliot leads a quiet life in the big city. Little Elliot faces a unique set of challenges in his daily life.

But he doesn’t mind! There are too many wonderful things to enjoy. Whether meeting that special friend who lifts him to new heights, or finally getting that long-awaited cupcake, it’s the little things that count in this sweet story.

This message will resonate with every reader, little or big.

Click here to enter The Five Mile Press showcase


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