Signed Copies Available: Winner of MasterChef 2011 Kate Bracks, international best-selling author John Flanagan and blogger extraordinaire Kerri Sackville (Stock will not last)

The Sweet Life: The Basics and Beyond

Irresistible cakes, ice creams and desserts, to weaken even the strongest resolve!

MasterChef Australia 2011 winner Kate Bracks knows about desserts.

This mouthwatering array of inspired dessert recipes includes favourites such as Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake and Strawberry Mousse as well as fresh new ideas, such as Kate’s Chocolate, Date and Hazelnut Torte, Raspberry and Pistachio Frozen Nougat and Vincotto Figs with Caramelised Walnuts and Mascarpone. Kate also puts modern twists on old classics, from her Spiced Crème Brûlée, to her irresistible Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches, or her Brown Butter Cheesecake. This is food to weaken even the strongest resolve!

The structure of the book is designed to guide the home cook from the ‘basics’ – incorporating basic techniques, such as sauces and syrups; how to make the perfect meringue; make your pastry rather than buy it; how to cook with gelatine – to ‘beyond the basics’ for the more confident cook. And, if you really want to impress, there’s a chapter at the end where all the techniques can be put together to wow your friends and family. There’s also a code throughout the book to help you determine which recipes are most suited to your particular cooking desires and ability.

Indulge your own sweet tooth with this glorious book of baked treats and dessert recipes from Australia’s MasterChef 2011 winner; and don’t forget the golden rule … always lick the bowl!

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The lovely Kate Bracks signing copies of her new book, The Sweet Life, at Booktopia

The Invaders

Brotherband: Book 2

Eight boys are about to take on a crew of fifty cut-throat pirates . . . is this an impossible quest?

Hal and the Heron brotherband are on the trail of Zavac and his precious cargo. Will they be able to find the pirates when the weather clears? And when they do, how can they possibly beat the mighty Raven and its crew of vicious cut-throats and killers?

A chance discovery will lead them to their prey, but the pirates have a well-fortified position. The Herons must drive out the invaders – and to succeed, Hal will need to devise a foolproof plan. In the icy waters of the Stormwhite, the smallest mistake could prove fatal.

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"Ah, done."
"There are three hundred more to sign..."

The Little Book Of Anxiety

Popular author and blogger Kerri Sackville’s very funny take on her life with anxiety. This is an insight into anxiety that only Kerri could give!

The Little Book Of Anxiety is for anyone who has experienced anxiety – which is pretty much everyone. It is a funny book about a serious subject: the ways in which anxiety can impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

With humour, insight and searing honesty, Kerri Sackville opens up about the trials and sheer absurdities of living a worried a life. From crazed nailbiting, to being hysterical in a jammed lift, to fearing her husband is dead when he’s late home from work, Kerri has done it all.

If you know the agonies of sleepless nights, regularly jump to Worst-Case Scenario, or drive your loved ones mad with your irrational fears, then this book may very well save your sanity.

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Kerri Sackville chatting with fans on Facebook after signing copies of her book, The Little Book of Anxiety


Kerri Sackville, author of When My Husband Does the Dishes, and now The Little Book Of Anxiety, answers Six Sharp Questions

The Booktopia Book Guru asks

Kerri Sackville

author of
When My Husband Does the Dishes

and now,
The Little Book Of Anxiety

Six Sharp Questions


1. Congratulations, you have a new book. What is it about and what does it mean to you?

The Little Book Of Anxiety was meant to be a series of humorous anecdotes about living with anxiety, but it turned out to be far deeper. It’s still pretty funny, because my anxiety gets me into absurd situations (think ‘needing to be forcibly pulled off the alarm button in a stalled lift’), but it also contains a lot of insights. I hope it helps other worriers to feel less alone, and to break down the stigma associated with having an anxiety disorder.

We now have a limited number of SIGNED copies of The Little Book Of Anxietythese will not last

The Little Book Of Anxiety is due for release on 1st of May

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2. Time passes. Things change. What are the best and worst moments that you have experienced in the past year or so?

The best? Finding out that Simon Baker had Googled me (see ).

And the worst? Putting unleaded fuel in my diesel car for the second time in a year was a pretty low point. But in totally unrelated news, did I tell you that Simon Baker Googled me?

3. Do you have a favourite quote or passage you would be happy to share with us? It doesn’t need to be deep but it would be great if it meant something to you.

“There are times when you can only take the next step. And then another.” William Gibson, Pattern Recognition.

This quote has got me through many a hard time. I fall back on that advice constantly.

4. Writers have often been described as being difficult to live with. Do you conform to the stereotype or defy it? Please tell us a little about the day to day of your writing life.

Ha! Once you’ve read my book, you won’t need to ask that question. I’m what my husband refers to as a ‘nightmare’. I worry incessantly. I obsess endlessly. I spend a great deal of time running around in circles. But I find writing to be very calming, so I spend huge amounts of time on the computer neglecting the laundry, cleaning, bills etc. Strangely, this does not help endear me to my husband.

5. Some writers claim not to be influenced by the needs of the marketplace, while others seem obsessed by it. Would you please describe how the marketplace affects your writing (come on, tell the truth!).

Well, of course I’m influenced by the marketplace, because I want my books to be read. But mainly, I want to write books that will resonate with people, and affect them in positive ways. I believe that many, many people will relate to this book, and that it will help them to understand and accept themselves, and better manage their anxious lives.

6. Unlikely Scenario: You’ve been charged with civilising twenty ill-educated adolescents but you may take only five books with you. What do you take and why?

Wow. Okay….

1. Catch 22, by Joseph Heller. It is still the most brilliantly clever and hysterically funny novel ever written about war, or anything else.

2. Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte – The kids need a classic, and this has it all: passion, death, ghosts, despair, and a soundtrack by Kate Bush. Perfect.

3. The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell – Firstly, it’s utterly fascinating stuff. Secondly, you simply cannot read Gladwell’s essays without your brain massively expanding.

4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams – It’s an obvious choice, but it is by far the best introduction out there to the fantastic world of science fiction.

5. A Short History Of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson – Kids these days are really smart. Maybe they could read it and summarise it for me?

Kerri, thank you for playing.

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Check out Kerri’s incredibly popular blog here.

Or on Facebook, here.

Or Twitter, here, if you please.

Publisher’s blurb:

Popular author and blogger Kerri Sackville’s very funny take on her life with anxiety. This is an insight into anxiety that only Kerri could give!

The Little Book Of Anxiety is for anyone who has experienced anxiety – which is pretty much everyone. It is a funny book about a serious subject – the ways in which anxiety can impact on your life, and the lives of those around you.

From relationship anxiety to professional anxiety, claustrophobia to travelling phobia, pregnancy fears, panic attacks to nail biting and more. Oh, and so much more.

Kerri Sackville relates episodes in which anxiety has got the better of her as only she can, some tragically humorous, and some just utterly absurd.

Desperate struggles with insomnia, trying meditation to learn how to fall asleep, and drinking hideous herbal potions (which were completely ineffective, and yes very expensive).

Kerri talks about panic attacks, and what they actually feel like. What anxiety does to us at a subconscious level. Kerri discusses therapy and the various techniques she has used to try to manage her anxiety. And the ways in which her fears affect all those around her (particularly her long suffering husband – who has, however, been known to make things worse).

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Kerri Sackville, author of When My Husband Does The Dishes…, answers Five Facetious Questions

The Booktopia Book Guru asks

Kerri Sackville

author of When My Husband Does The Dishes…

Five Facetious Questions


1. Every writer spends at least one afternoon going from bookshop to bookshop making sure his or her latest book is facing out and neatly arranged. How far have you gone to draw attention to your own books in a shop?

Don’t be ridiculous. I would NEVER do something so tacky. Of course, I did *cough* offer a prize on my blog to the person who placed my book in the most prominent position and provide photographic evidence, but that doesn’t count at all as it’s not Continue reading

Kerri Sackville launches When My Husband Does the Dishes…

When My Husband Does the Dishes… by Kerri Sackville
was launched last Thursday night

Cunningly disguised as a wino to throw off the paparazzi, author and journalist Mark Dapin was on hand to officially launch the book…

Then the star of the night, the gorgeous Kerri Sackville, seduced her audience with a rendition of the Olivia Newton-John hit – I Honestly Love You

Maybe I hang around here
A little more than I should
We both know I got somewhere else to go
But I got something to tell you
That I never thought I would
But I believe you really ought to know

I love you
I honestly love you

After such a moving performance there wasn’t a dry eye in the house

Mark Lewis from Random House was on hand to steady his new star…

Author Kylie Ladd flew up from Melbourne for the event and was enjoying herself until she happened to look over her shoulder to see her agent in an embrace with another author…

Literary Agent Pippa Masson, who discovered Kerri on Twitter, proves once again that she likes to have a very close relationship with all of her clients…

And lastly… For those who doubt that I was there at all… let’s play Where’s the Wally…

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Ten Terrifying Questions

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When My Husband Does the Dishes…

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When My Husband Does the Dishes…

Then on Friday, after spending much of the previous night drinking and carousing with her celebrity friends, a fragile Kerri Sackville arrived at Booktopia to cuddle and sign her books…

WHEN MY HUSBAND DOES THE DISHES… by Kerri Sackville (The movie!)

Click here to read Kerri Sackville’s answers to my
Ten Terrifying Questions

Click here to read Kylie Ladd’s review of
When My Husband Does the Dishes…

Click here to order your very own copy of
When My Husband Does the Dishes…

Kerri Sackville, author of When My Husband Does The Dishes… answers Ten Terrifying Questions

The Booktopia Book Guru asks

Kerri Sackville

author of When My Husband Does The Dishes…

Ten Terrifying Questions


1. To begin with why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself – where were you born? Raised? Schooled?

I was born in Melbourne but raised in Sydney. I went to a Jewish school down the road where I did very well in English and spent the rest of my time pining in unrequited anguish for a boy called Josh Goldenbum (not his real name, but should have been).

2. What did you want to be when you were twelve, eighteen and thirty? And why?

At 12 I wanted to be a member of the Young Talent Team. I still wish I had been.

At 18 I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. I was doing Arts at Uni and working part time as a nanny.

At 30 I wanted to be a mum, which was lucky because I was pregnant with my son. I didn’t start writing professionally until after my daughter was born, nearly 10 years ago.

3. What strongly held belief did you have at eighteen that you do not have now?

At 18 I felt that in order to be happy I had to figure out the meaning of life. It took me well into my thirties to realise that the best way to be happy was Continue reading

Guest Reviewer Kylie Ladd on When My Husband Does the Dishes… by Kerri Sackville

When My Husband Does the Dishes . . . provoked much discussion in my household. Not regarding its contents, which I’ll get to, but instead over the title.

“When my husband does the dishes… what?” asked my eleven year old son when he first saw (or rather heard) me reading it. Knowing full well that the original title had actually been When My Husband Does The Dishes He Wants Sex I quickly and seamlessly steered the discussion in a different direction.

“Uh, um, nothing!” I stuttered. “It’s just ‘When my husband does the dishes’. Full stop! End of story!”

“No it’s not,” said my daughter, eight, who is quite frankly sometimes a bit too smart to be all that likeable. “Those dots are an ellipsis. It means there is another thought coming.” She turned to her brother. “You should have listened more in grade three.” I tried to sneak away, the book tucked under my arm, but she stood in the doorway, blocking my exit. “So mum”, she demanded, “what’s in it?”

I couldn’t tell her. Not because Kerri Sackville’s brilliant first book is filthy and depraved (though it does have some bits in it about wet patches), but because I couldn’t do it to the sisterhood. To the wifehood. To the motherhood. Couldn’t give away our secrets; couldn’t let the opposition (also known as our husbands and children) in on any knowledge that they might use against us. Couldn’t admit to my spouse, for example, that like Kerri I have fed the kids noodles and tomato sauce for dinner three nights running when he was away on business and told them to tell him it was spaghetti ; couldn’t confess to my progeny, that actually, the back of the sock drawer isn’t mummy’s special place, it’s just where she puts your homemade Mother’s Day gifts so she doesn’t have to look at them.

Kerri Sackville knows it all. She’s been in the frontlines of motherhood for more years now than she’d thank me for telling you. She has three kids, an, um, ‘back massager’ in her bedside drawer and her own painstakingly perfected delousing technique. She is also extremely bloody funny and made me laugh so loudly and frequently while reading this book that in the end my husband threw me out of bed and suggested that the title should really be “When my husband does the dishes it’s to get away from his unhinged wife”.

Those of you who follow Kerri’s blog, her tweets or her regular columns for the Mama Mia website will know what a gifted and hilarious writer she is, but also how very frequently she is bang on the money with her shrewd observations and razor-sharp wit. When My Husband Does the Dishes . . . certainly made me laugh, but it also made me go “Shit, yeah” under my breath so often that I had to keep glancing around to check that the kids hadn’t heard. If you know how to flirt without flashing your maternity bra, if you’ve ever kept a child home from school with a rash that later washed off, or if you sometimes dream of raspberry fondant instead of chocolate swirl (and I’m not talking ice cream here), this book is for you.

But it’s not for my children. “I know, mum!” my son declared a few days after I’d started reading Kerri’s book. “The whole title should be ‘When my husband does the dishes his hands get wet’.” Yes, I told him. Yes, you’re right! That shut him up, anyway, but I’m still keeping it away from the eight year old.

Available 2nd May 2011. Order your copy of When My Husband Does the Dishes … – CLICK HERE


Thanks to Guest Reviewer – Kylie Ladd

Kylie Ladd is the author of After the Fall, and was the first author to answer the Booktopia Book Guru’s Ten Terrifying Questions – read Kylie’s answers here…

When Kylie is not busy scribbling, she is also a delightful distraction on Twitterfollow her here…

Kylie’s Website: here…

About After the Fall:

The story of a friendship between two couples – and an affair that blows their worlds apart.

Two married couples: Kate and Cary, Cressida and Luke. Four people who meet, click, and become firm friends. But then Kate and Luke discover a growing attraction, which becomes an obsession. They fall in love, then fall into an affair. It blows their worlds apart. After the fall, nothing will ever be the same again.

And pre-order Kylie’s new book Last Summer  here

I have read a proof copy of this wonderful book. I read it quickly. I really wanted to know what happened next. How these people would cope. When I wasn’t reading it – when I was at work – I kept thinking I should text the characters to see how they were doing… They had become such a part of my life. It was a wonderful feeling. A great thing for a novel to achieve. This is a warm, wise, entertaining and somewhat life-changing book. The Booktopia Book Guru.

Rory Buchanan has it all: looks, talent, charisma – an all around good-guy, he’s the centre of every party and a loving father and husband. Then one summer’s afternoon tragedy strikes … and those who are closest to him struggle to come to terms with their loss. Friendships are strained, marriages falter and loyalties are tested in a gripping and brilliantly crafted novel of loss, grief and desire.

Told from the points of view of the nine people who are mourning Rory, this riveting novel presents a vivid snapshot of contemporary suburban Australia and how we live now.

Marriage, friendship, family – all are dissected with great psychological insight as they start to unravel under the pressure of grief. The characters live on the page, their lives are unfolded and their dilemmas are as real as our own.

Last Summer is a novel about loss – the terrible pain of losing a husband, brother or friend, but also all those smaller losses that everyone must face: the loss of youth, the shattering of dreams, the fading of convictions and the change in our notions of who we thought we were. It is also about what comes after the loss: how we pick up the pieces and the way we remake our lives.


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