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REVIEW: The Pike by Lucy Hughes- Hallett (review by Lucinda Holdforth) #swf2014

Don’t be put off by the apparently obscure subject and considerable heft of Lucy Hughes-Hallet’s wonderful biography of Gabriele D’Annunzio, The Pike. D’Annunzio leaps off the page as a sex-mad spendthrift poet; a crack-pot warrior who led a small army to seize and rule an Istrian port city; and an almost-but-not quite-comic prototype for Mussolini’s Fascism. The Pike is a gripping portra... Read more

by | April 24, 2014

Mal Peet – Exposure

Categorising books can be the kiss of death especially when it comes to so called young adult fiction. So many terrific books get ignored just because people get into a mind set of only reading in a certain category. So let me get it out there. Mal Peet’s books are generally categorised as young adult fiction. Don’t let the teens have all the fun – Mal Peet makes a very satisf... Read more

by | May 12, 2009

American Rust – Philipp Meyer

Ever pick up a book and just know you have to hear those words out loud? Well, l was the one last night sitting up in bed last night savouring every word of the opening chapters of Philipp Meyer’s American Rust. You can’t get much more praise for a debut novel than has been heaped upon this one. Meyer (yes, that’s him) will be gracing our shores for the Sydney Writers’ F... Read more

by | May 8, 2009