Cathryn Hein, author of Heartland, answers Six Sharp Questions

heartlandThe Booktopia Book Guru asks

Cathryn Hein

author of Heartland and more…

Six Sharp Questions


1. Congratulations, you have a new book. What is it about and what does it mean to you?

Heartland is the story of Callie Reynolds, a young woman who, since the death of her sister, has spent her life running from those who care for her. When her grandmother dies and leaves her Glenmore, a property Callie has always loved, she’s torn between what her heart aches for and the powerful need to honour her sister’s memory. All she wants is to sell up and move on, but the world keeps conspiring against her. The farm is full of memories and longing. Then there are the animals she’s been saddled with and an injured neighbour she feels responsible for – all surmountable problems. Until a very sexy and determined ex-soldier comes along and complicates matters…

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The Booktopia Book Guru’s Gift Guide For Father’s Day



Though I think it right to celebrate Father’s Day, I do believe it is prudent to temper our collective enthusiasm for the day slightly. Granted, some dad’s deserve unchecked praise, but we all know that these few are in the minority. To allow Father’s Day to carry the same emotional weight as Mother’s Day would surely be folly… and dangerous.

That said, we all have to get through the day and we all need to buy the old bugger a gift. I find that books are the perfect Father’s Day present. Neat, discreet, not overly flashy… All in all, they hit the right note.

Wasting precious time deciding what your dad might like is unnecessary – all you need to do is match one of my approximations with your dad and take a punt on one of the four offered titles. Simple.

All of the titles listed below are available for you to buy at Booktopia. Just click on a pic for more details.


At the last family meeting he handed out iPads, each one pre-loaded with the family mission statement, a spreadsheet containing each individual’s targets, to be met bi-monthly and evaluated quarterly, an entire year’s itinerary, including further meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, important school dates, and, with a nod to your mother, he informed you all, “smiley faces denote scheduled ‘date nights’”.

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Whether he’s out in the shed throwing baked beans, eggs and porridge at a canvass, or calling a poorly cut hedge a kangaroo, or taking daily photos of his toenails, noting their growth and colouration and then posting the pics on his blog called Continental Drift, your dad is an ‘artist’ and should be taken seriously. Wait, who am I kidding? Your dad is a Continue reading

The Cheapskate’s Gift Guide


Astute Buyer’s Gift Guide

more commonly known as

The Cheapskate’s Gift Guide

Are you neither cheap nor astute?

Do not fret this guide is also suited to those who desire to adorn a main gift with many little gifts.

More is more. Imagine a Christmas tree surrounded by a few choice, neat and expensive presents. Yep, spare, cheerless and cold. Now picture the same tree rooted in a massive pile of brightly coloured and ill-wrapped presents – magnificent, isn’t it? Indulge your Christmas fantasies this year. No one need know how little such apparent opulence cost you!

Look, I’ll be honest, all of the books below are cheap, bloody cheap but that doesn’t make them rubbish – I’ve selected carefully, as you’ll see.

Buy here and buy more for less – it’s not meant to happen that way, I know, but it’s the magic of Booktopia. So deal with it.

Christmas Orders:
For delivery before Christmas, Booktopia recommends buying “In Stock” titles only. These titles are marked “Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days”.

Four great titles your MOTHER will love because last year you gave her a bag of dirty laundry and a promise to do better.

Four great titles your FATHER better appreciate, as you remember him saying once – “it’s the thought that counts”.

Four great titles your WIFE will gladly accept as, after so many years Continue reading


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