2013 Romance Writers of Australia Conference: Top 10 moments

Recently our Romance Specialist Haylee Nash flew the flag for Booktopia at the 2013 Romance Writers of Australia conference in Fremantle. These are her stories.

dancing up a stormFor those of you who have never been to a Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) Conference, or indeed any kind of romance conference, let me paint you a picture. Imagine a modestly sized room, filled with women. Hundreds of women. Each of these women are writers, romance writers, who spend their day behind a computer (if they’re lucky enough to be able to live from their writing) and in the rest of society are often derided for writing “those books”. So it’s fair to say that these women don’t often get the pleasure of speaking about romance, certainly not with fellow enthusiasts. Now to this joyous scene add oodles of champagne, a nautical theme and a conference venue that  is far enough away from most attendees to require staying at the hotel, sans husbands, significant others, kids, pets or any other responsibilities. Into this melee I walked, and, rather than wincing at the noise and leavig, I grabbed a champagne and, with stupidly big grin on my face, entered the fray. Continue reading

RWA’s 2013 Romantic Book of the Year finalists announced

Congratulations to the R*BY finalists!rby

For all of those not in the know, every year the brilliant women (and a few supporting men) at the Romance Writers of Australia award the best of romance written by Australian and New Zealand authors. Much like the Academy Awards, these awards are highly desired, and the awards ceremony has its fair share of glamour, champagne and the occasional (happy) tears. Oh, and like the Academy Awards, the Romantic Book of the Year awards have a nickname too – the ‘Rubies’.

Below are the finalists for the RWA’s Romantic Book of the Year competition: Continue reading

The 10 Hottest Men in Romance

Romance Specialist Haylee Nash shares 10 ways to heat up a cold winter’s night…

I’m not sure about you, but there’s something about the promise of winter’s onslaught that makes me think longingly of red wine, long hot baths with a good book and cuddling up with a hot man. I mean this both literally and figuratively – men, at least in my experience, radiate heat, so there’s a practical reason to get close to them. But there’s also something about these cooler months which makes one feel decidedly romantic, the drop in temperature and icy winds conjuring images of candlelit dinners, deep conversations by the fire and long mornings in bed.

So, in celebration of these frosty times, I’ve decided to help you all warm up a little with my top ten hottest men in romance – so that even if you haven’t got a sexy hero to snuggle with at home, you can still have a hottie between the covers.

Continue reading


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