Rebecca James author of Beautiful Malice answers Ten Terrifying Questions

Haven't heard of Rebecca James? Well, you are about to, as her tense and edgy young adult psychological thriller was the subject of a bidding war at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Some $1 million later (with rights sold now in 20 countries and translations into 13 languages), Beautiful Malice is soon to hit the shelves in Australia, with other countries to follow. Read more

by | April 14, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: SIDDON ROCK Wins Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book

SIDDON ROCK by Glenda Guest, a first novel published by Random House early last year, has just been named the Best First Book in the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. The judges praised SIDDON ROCK for its rich cast of odd characters and blending of the everyday with fantasy. Behind every door in town lurk secret desires and wild imaginings. The novel, they concluded, deftly delves into the haunting... Read more

by | April 13, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: OPRAH: A Biography by Kitty Kelley

Oprah Winfrey is the subject of a new biography by the ever scandalous Kitty Kelley. Like Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan and the British Royal family, whom Kelley ‘exposed’ in previous biographies, Oprah can expect to have her dirty laundry aired before an always insatiable public. No stone will have been left unturned. This will be the biography of the year, if not for its erudition, ... Read more

by | April 12, 2010

Women, Food, and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything by Geneen Roth

No matter how sophisticated or wealthy or broke or enlightened you are, how you eat tells all. If you suffer about your relationship with food — you eat too much or too little, think about what you will eat constantly or try not to think about it at all — you can be free. Just look down at your plate. The answers are there. Don’t run. Look. Because when we welcome what we most... Read more

by | April 8, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: 2010 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards Shortlists

The shortlists for this years NSW Premier’s Literary Awards have been announced. In their 31 year history, the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards have honoured many of Australia’s greatest writers and most significant works. The Awards help to establish values and standards in Australian literature and draw international attention to some of the country’s best writers and to ... Read more

by | April 8, 2010

36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction by Rebecca Goldstein

With both Easter and Passover drawing to a close, matters of faith are on the public agenda. And whenever matters of faith are discussed, questions of belief are raised as well. So perhaps now more than ever, it is tempting to ask whether religion and science represent two fundamentally different mind-sets. This question is even more timely considering the debate that has been generated in this... Read more

by | April 6, 2010

The essential Ian McEwan – from First Love, Last Rites to Solar

While Solar hurtles off shelves at bookstores around the world, it seems timely to revisit some of McEwan’s older books, the ones he wrote before he was a “Major English Novelist” and ones that bear discovering or rediscovering. As the author of 14 novels and short-story collections, there is a whole lot of McEwan to explore and much of it will surprise readers who “discovered” him through Ato... Read more

by | April 5, 2010