The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee by Sarah Silverman

Shockingly funny book from the controversial and brilliant American comedian. Sarah Silverman’s father taught her to curse – at the age of three. She was a chronic bedwetter – until she was old enough to drive. She lost her virginity at 19 – but didn’t really know it. These are just a few of the outrageous true tales that Silverman shares in her alternately hilario... Read more

by | October 29, 2010

To the End of the Land by David Grossman (A Review by John Purcell)

I started to read To the End of the Land by David Grossman and immediately recognised I was in the hands of an exceptional writer. The prologue is a very fine piece of writing. It reminds me of the best of Russell Hoban and Gunter Grass. Dark and strange, haunting. I read line after line not knowing where I was going but confident that Grossman was beside me, ready to catch me should I stumble.... Read more

by | October 29, 2010

Best Australian Political Cartoons 2010 edited by Russ Radcliffe

2010 has been a year of reversals. At the start Kevin Rudd, the conscience of decent folk everywhere, was still enjoying an unprecedented run of popularity in the polls. Meanwhile, the Liberals were fast becoming a reactionary rabble who, after sacrificing most of their leadership talent, were left with only a mad monk to guide them out of the wilderness. But by midyear Tony Abbott had become t... Read more

by | October 29, 2010

Fortune Cookie by Bryce Courtenay

When promoting a new novel by a well established and much loved author no bookseller can hope to compete with the enthusiasm of a recent convert. When last visiting Bryce Courtenay’s website, on the page he announced the upcoming publication of Fortune Cookie, I found the following fan letter – “I cannot wait for this book (Fortune Cookie) to come out. I read my first Bryce Co... Read more

by | October 29, 2010

Shall We Dance? by Maggie Alderson

Loulou Landers, London’s undisputed Queen of Vintage Fashion, meets a man on the eve of her dreaded forty-ninth birthday.  He’s kind, he’s sensitive, he’s divinely handsome and he carries a designer suit like George Clooney.  Unfortunately, he’s barely half her age, and Loulou’s just not ready to ‘go cougar’. Then there is Loulou’s 21-year-o... Read more

by | October 28, 2010

MasterChef Australia : The Cookbook – Volume 2

UPDATE: Thanks to HarperCollins, MasterChef and Booktopia the first 100 customers to pre-order MasterChef Australia The Cookbook Series 3 from Booktopia will receive a special MasterChef timer. This will be the years biggest selling book so get in quickly and secure this cool memento of MasterChef 2011. MasterChef Australia: The Cookbook – Volume 3 MasterChef has ignited the tastebuds of ... Read more

by | October 28, 2010

Blast from the Past: Fungus the Bogeyman by Raymond Briggs

I was walking through the warehouse this morning and I noticed a copy of Fungus the Bogeyman on a shelf ready to be packed and shipped off. Two minutes before if you’d asked me about Fungus the Bogeyman I would have said – never heard of it but having seen the gruesome green cover again, childhood memories came flooding back. I stood dumbfounded. It was like the discovery of the Ros... Read more

by | October 28, 2010

The Australian Book of Atheism – Edited by Warren Bonett

With Christmas looming two annual dilemmas re-emerge – what do I serve the one vegetarian at Christmas lunch and what can I possibly buy the cantankerous atheist of the family, something which will silence their snide remarks  and keep them out of the way for much of the day? In answer to the first, do what you always do, seat them at the kiddies table and pretend you forgot they were sti... Read more

by | October 28, 2010

How would you look on receiving $1000 worth of free books?

The Ultimate Giveaway for Booktoberfest is $1000 worth of books for one lucky Booktopia customer. All you need to do is place an order with Booktopia in the month of October 2010! The end date is midnight 31st October (AEDT). See below for further details.* The recipients of all the giveaways will be posted on the Booktopia Blog on Friday November 5. Now, let me ask the question again… Ho... Read more

by | October 27, 2010