Jump! by Jilly Cooper

by |October 1, 2010

Of the millions of Jilly Cooper novels on shelves in homes all over the world how many are in pristine, unread condition? Answer: None. Once a Jilly Cooper novel enters a home it must be read. It is irresistible. It is more powerful than a trashy mag, more seductive than celebrity gossip channels on TV, more of a temptation than chocolate. A Jilly Cooper novel is an indulgence like no other. Women ‘borrow’ Jilly Cooper. Men stash them away and read them guiltily when no one can see them loving it. Every copy of a Jilly Cooper novel has a rich and full life – is loved and loved again.

JUMP! is the new Jilly Cooper novel. And what a wonderful life it has to look forward to!

Jilly Cooper’s sparkling new novel returns to horses and their riders in a fabulously sexy, entertaining romp through the world of racing.

Etta has to leave the beautiful house she has shared with her husband to live in a hideous bungalow in the village of Willowwood, where straitened circumstances cause her to be at the beck and call of her grown-up children and their horrendous brats. Without a husband, friends or the home she loved, Etta’s life seems bleak – until one night she comes across a terrified, horribly injured horse abandoned in the wood. Etta takes the horse home and tends her wounds, and as the horse recovers she proves herself to be a massively talented steeplechaser.

By now named Mrs Wilkinson by Etta and the other adoring villagers, most of whom have rallied round to help the stricken animal, a syndicate is formed to send her to the run-down training stables of Marius Rowe, a once-successful trainer who has fallen on hard times. Before long Mrs Wilkinson becomes the darling of the racing world. Ridden fearlessly by the lovely Amber Lloyd Foxe, she starts to earn the members of the syndicate both money and fame. But darker forces are at work, especially in the shape of rival trainer Ralph Harvey-Holden whom many suspect of causing the horse’s terrible injuries in the first place.

A near-disaster causes Mrs Wilkinson to move to the stables of Rupert Campbell-Black, one of racing’s most successful owner/trainers. Meanwhile Etta has attracted the attention of several men in the village, including Valent Edwards, wildly attractive ex-premier league footballer whose grand house marches with Etta’s bungalow, and Seth Bainton, gorgeous actor of fame and notoriety.

Tragedies, victories and dastardly plots uncovered come together in an enthralling climax at Aintree, where in the heady atmosphere of the Grand National Mrs Wilkinson must finally prove her worth.

JILLY COOPER is a well-known journalist, writer and media superstar, and is the author of many number one bestselling novels, including RIDERS, RIVALS, POLO, THE MAN WHO MADE HUSBANDS JEALOUS, APPASSIONATA, SCORE! and PANDORA. She and her husband live in Gloucestershire. She was appointed OBE for services to literature (huh?) in the 2004 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.



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