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by |October 14, 2010

From the bestselling authors of the timeless classic How to Poo at Work comes…

How to Bonk at Work

How to Bonk at Work is the only guide to getting your end away at work, and is bursting with useful advice that you’ll need to have any chance of bonking at work.

It starts with the Golden Rules of Workplace Fornication and follows up with many practical, real-life examples, showing you not only how to do it, but how to enjoy getting the job done while you’re on the job!

After the introduction, from a prominent office Romeo, How to Bonk at Work covers many realistic workplace situations.

What do to when:
You only have a five-minute break;
You hear someone coming;
You are stuck in a meeting;
You make a mess;
Someone else makes a mess;
You want to leave early;
You arrive late;
and many more real situations that you may have faced.

All are complemented by useful diagrams, expert opinions and testimonials. Don’t have a go until you’ve had a flick through this unique book.

The first print of How to Bonk at Work has sold out completely and we are awaiting the reprint – make sure you get a copy – order here.

How to Poo at Work, however, is available and indispensable.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin – this hilarious book could save your career and get you the keys to the executive washroom! It is the ultimate guide to going to the toilet at work, and is filled with practical advice for dealing with all sorts of poop-related problems.

What to do if:
you are ‘ill’;
a colleague follows you into the bathroom;
the flush doesn’t work; no paper;
no seat; your colleagues arrive;
your phone rings;
and, many more real-life situations that are tough to cope with.

All are complemented by useful diagrams.

As you see, How to Poo at Work is the ultimate guide to going to the toilet at work. Where else can one go for such advice? Nowhere. What would you do when the flusher doesn’t work? Huh? How would you avoid meeting the cleaning lady? What would you do when your mobile falls into the bowl? How do you disguise water splashes on your trousers?

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