Fortune Cookie by Bryce Courtenay

by |October 29, 2010

When promoting a new novel by a well established and much loved author no bookseller can hope to compete with the enthusiasm of a recent convert.

When last visiting Bryce Courtenay’s website, on the page he announced the upcoming publication of Fortune Cookie, I found the following fan letter –

“I cannot wait for this book (Fortune Cookie) to come out.

I read my first Bryce Courtenay book last year, The Power Of One and since then I don’t want to read any thing else but Bryce. (Please excuse my forwardness.)

I have been an avid reader for 40 years and no other author has made such an impact on my life as this humble man. I first saw him on ‘This Is Your Life’ and fell in love with him then without having read any of his books. Now I have read many, and in my opinion he is the most extraordinary writer anyone could come across. When I read any of his books I have to ask, ‘is this fact or fiction’? And if you read about his life you have to conclude, there is a lot of truth and him in his books.

Thank you Mr Bryce Courtenay for letting me escape my existence and get into yours! You truly are a wonderful storyteller.


PS. Please don’t ever stop writing, or alas, I will have to go back to reading shite.”

About Fortune Cookie:
Simon Koo is an ambitious Australian-born Chinese who goes to Singapore in the mid-sixties to work for Samuel Oswald Wing, an advertising agency. But the Wing brothers, who run the agency, are not what they seem.

There is soon trouble when Simon falls in love with the forbidden Mercy B. Lord, the illegitimate daughter of a Japanese officer and a Chinese mother who abandoned her on the doorstep of a Catholic orphanage.

With no family or connections, this beautiful young woman is powerless to resist the evil influence of Beatrice Fong, a manipulative businesswoman, who, in league with the Wing brothers, lures her into the dark and dangerous international trade in sex workers and heroin trafficking involving the American CIA. Simon, my unlikely hero, must save her at any cost.

“I do hope you enjoy Fortune Cookie – a love story set against the wretched trade in drugs and human misery operating during the Vietnam War.” Bryce Courtenay

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