Become a Netball Gem during the Netball World Cup!

by |August 10, 2015

Netball World CupDid you know the most amazing netball players in the world are in the same place at the same time – right now – in Australia!

The Netball World Cup is currently being held in Sydney, wrapping up on the 16th August.

If you’re not in Sydney to watch the games, don’t worry, Fox Sports will cover all the Netball World Cup games and Network Ten will broadcast the Australian Diamonds’ matches on Ten or One. These games will be too good to miss!

Australia and New Zealand are still the top two teams in the world and the ones most likely to play in the World Cup Grand Final. But England and Jamaica are working hard to change that. Keep an eye on England, they are the team most likely to cause an upset and get into the Grand Final!

5 tips to make the most of netball fever and become a great player!

  1. Keep a netball in your hands as much as possible – toss it from one hand to the other, throw it in the air and snatch it back, roll it away and scoop it up. Soon that ball will become an extension of you and you won’t drop it in a game – you’ll be the one with ‘safe’ hands!
  1. Wherever you go you can practise your pivot! Run instead of walking. Jump and land on one foot first, keep it on the ground and step forward onto the other. Then you can swivel around to change direction, keeping the first foot planted and using the other to rebalance when you turn.
  1. Use some chalk to mark three separate crosses, each at chest height, on an outside wall. Step back five steps and face the wall. See if you can throw the netball so it hits the crosses you have marked. Now try it at ten steps away!
  1. Grab a chair and use the chalk again to mark three crosses high on the wall, one above the other. Remove the chair and see if you can jump up and touch the crosses.
  1. Do you have a goal ring in your backyard? If so, practise goaling every day. Try starting up close, then every time you score a goal take one step back and shoot again. If you miss a goal, take one step forward instead. Follow up every goal by grabbing the rebound. Imagine you are trying to beat someone else to it!

Warning: If you follow these tips you may find yourself playing in the Netball World Cup one day!

Read the Netball Gem series for more tips and great netball stories!

netball-gems-1Netball Gems

By Lisa Gibbs and Bernadette Hellard

A junior fiction series written in partnership with Netball Australia Join the girls from the Netball Gems for action, excitement and laughter – both on and off the court!

Maddy can’t wait to play her first game of netball with her new team. She’s been training hard and is eager to try out her skills. But Maddy’s excitement soon turns to nerves when she realises that things might not go exactly as she imagined.

What position will the coach make her play? Or what if she gets asked to sit on the bench? Suddenly, the netball courts are the last place Maddy wants to be! Perhaps some inspiration from her namesake in the Australian side, Madison Browne, will finally get Maddy hooked on netball!

Read the Netball Gem series for more tips and great netball stories!

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