The 3 must-read crime and thriller books coming this January.

by |December 15, 2016

If you’re wondering which crime novel everyone is going to be talking about in 2017, wonder no more! Paula Hawkins, author of the phenomenally successful The Girl on the Train, will be releasing her highly anticipated second novel in May 2017. It’s called Into the Water and it sounds amazing!

But May 2017 is ages away. Why don’t we check out some books that will be available early next year?

The River at Night by Erica Ferencik, a high-octane action-thriller about four women battling for survival in the wilderness. This book is a super addictive page-turner and definitely one of the most gripping thrillers I’ve read in ages.

We also have some really impressive debut crime novels. Good Me, Bad Me is rumoured to be one of the most controversial debuts of 2017 (it certainly shocked me to the core!), and The History of Wolves is a lyrical and eerie coming-of-age/mystery novel set in Northern Minnesota.

But wait, there’s more! December and January are also packed with new releases from big name bestselling authors like James Patterson, Peter Corris, Mary Higgins Clark, Joy Fielding and many more.

Happy reading! 

Reviews by Sarah McDuling

The River at Night
by Erica Ferencik

Four Women versus The Wilderness in this action-packed and fast-paced survival thriller from Erica Ferencik.

Winifred is part of a close-knit group of four women who take a holiday together every year. This year, they plan to go white water rafting in the isolated wilderness of Maine. Winifred is more than a little reluctant about the idea, but doesn’t want her friends to think she’s a coward…

Of course the trip is fraught with disaster at every turn. The four women must contend with a barrage of dangers including wild animals, harsh terrain, unforgiving weather, and freak accidents – not to mention the very human threat posed by people living off the grid in the depths of the wilderness (cue the banjo music from Deliverance).

The best thing about this book is that the characters are so well drawn and intriguing. The main character, Winifred, is very sympathetic and vulnerable. Having recently suffered a tragic loss, her emotions are very raw. Plus, the intricate web of friendship and tension between the four women is very compelling.

The River at Night is an extremely intense read – the kind of book that will keep you up all night frantically flipping pages, reading as fast as you can because the plot moves so quickly from one hair-raising moment to the next. With its perfect blend of action, drama and suspense, this is definitely one of the most gripping thrillers I’ve read in ages!

Learn more about The River at Night

Good Me, Bad Me
by Ali Land

Good grief, this book is creepy! I have to admit Good Me, Bad Me was probably a little bit too dark for me – though that didn’t stop me from reading the whole thing in one sitting! Just consider yourself warned… this book is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Good Me, Bad Me is being touted as one of the most shocking and controversial crime debuts of 2017. Having read it, I can see why. I can’t recall the last time a book made me feel so deeply horrified and yet utterly transfixed at the same time. No kidding, this book severely creeped me out, and yet I couldn’t put it down!

Annie’s mother is a serial killer who murders little children. With such a monster for a mother, it’s no wonder that Annie is damaged. She has endured the kind of warped childhood that leaves deep mental and emotional scars.

After her mother is arrested, Annie is given a new identity. Now called Milly, she is determined to put the past behind her and build a new life with her new family. Unfortunately, Milly’s new foster sister takes an instant dislike to her…

Good Me, Bad Me is the kind of psychological thriller that keeps you in a state of constant uncertainty, second-guessing everything until the last shocking moments. This book is downright bone-chilling, I won’t lie. Do not pick this up unless you are prepared to delve into some pretty dark corners of the human psyche – because believe me – once you pick it up, it’s all over. You will not be able to put it down!

Learn more about Good Me, Bad Me.

The History of Wolves
by Emily Fridlund

I found myself completely lost in this beautifully written and highly atmospheric debut novel. Set in Minnesota, The History of Wolves is part mystery, part coming-of-age, and a completely mesmerizing reading experience.

Living in the remnants of a former commune with her unconventional and largely negligent parents, Linda has always felt like an outsider. When she starts babysitting for a family she perceives as being “normal”, she finds herself becoming very attached to them. And yet, is everything really as normal as it seems?

The History of Wolves is both elegantly crafted and richly detailed storytelling. The characters are not always very likeable, but so complex and nuanced that they seem to leap right off the page and into real life.

Haunting and poetic, The History of Wolves has a way of slowly and inexorably pulling you deep down into the story. There is an otherworldly quality to the writing, giving everything a strange and eerie feeling. It is a book I will never forget and will doubtless want to read again.

Learn more about The History of Wolves

New Releases

New Releases: The Beautiful Dead by Belinda Bauer, The Sleeping Beauty Killer by Mary Higgins Clark, Win, Lose or Draw by Peter Corris, Someone is Watching by Joy Fielding, The Fourth Victim by Mari Jungstedt, and Private Delhi by James Patterson.

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