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Bestselling Children’s Book Author Sophie Masson: My Favourite Fairy-tales

I’ve loved fairy-tales from as far back as I can remember. Even before I could read, I always begged to be told fairy-tales, and the first book I remember reading for myself in English (I’m of French origin, so my first reading was in French), as a six year old, was a beautifully illustrated Little Golden Book which was a collection of three fairy-tales: Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, a... Read more

by | July 12, 2012

Desperately Sensual – Kylie Ladd reviews THE SECRET LIVES OF EMMA: BEGINNINGS

To me, the trouble with the vast majority of erotica is twofold: (i) the quality of the writing is far more disturbing than anything the protagonists might do to each other, literary merit not usually being the most lasting effect the author hopes to create; and (ii) there are, to put it bluntly, only so many ways tab A can be inserted into slot B – or even slots B, C and D, simultaneousl... Read more

Caroline Baum: Wallace Stegner, The Quiet American

What was I thinking when I gave a list of some of my favourite authors and left out Wallace Stegner? He must be one of the most under-appreciated writers of the twentieth century, certainly outside his native America. (To digress for a moment: I hate the idea of writers falling out of fashion, but they do – just think of Graham Greene, Somerset Maugham, C.P. Snow, Anthony Powell, Jean Rhy... Read more

Ambelin Kwaymullina’s Top 5 Dystopian Books

1. Blood Red Road The Dustland Series: Book 1 by Moira Young Loved this story! Saba’s world is so compelling, and the action scenes are superbly done. There were some moments (especially when Saba is cagefighting) when I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat, hunched over the book as my eyes scanned the page, almost tripping over words in my head from reading too fast as I hurried to fin... Read more

by | June 29, 2012

Caroline Baum Farewells Nora Ephron

Vale Nora. You were one of those writers who sounded so confiding, so intimate that I thought of you as a friend I’d never met- and that was before Facebook exploited and devalued that concept. I loved Heartburn. Think it was the first novel I ever read that interrupted the narrative to give readers a recipe. What a trend that started! Can anyone remember any other novelist doing this before No... Read more

by | June 28, 2012

Caroline Baum’s Highlights from the July Booktopia BUZZ

Booktopia is pleased to welcome Caroline Baum to the role of Editorial Director of our monthly newsletter the Booktopia BUZZ. Here is Caroline’s introduction from the BUZZ plus some of this month’s highlights. Some of the most compelling fiction published this month shares a common theme: violence, and its aftermath, the psychological scarring of war and upheaval pushing people to t... Read more

Guest Blogger: Publisher Meredith Curnow Wishes Patrick White a Happy 100th Birthday

HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY PATRICK WHITE Patrick White was born on this day in England in 1912. He was then taken to Australia, where his father owned a sheep farm, when he was six months old. He was educated in England at Cheltenham College and King’s College, Cambridge. He settled in London, where he wrote several unpublished novels, then served in the RAF during the war. He returned to Austr... Read more

REVIEW: Wonder Girls by Catherine Jones (Guest Reviewer: Booktopia’s Sarah McDuling)

Catherine Jones’ debut novel, Wonder Girls, is an inspirational and at times heartbreaking story about love and friendship, ambition and loss. More importantly, it’s a celebration of GIRL-POWER. This is the kind of read that will have woman of all ages raising their fists in solidarity and saying things like “I am Woman, here me roar!” or similar. Menfolk beware. This book may make you a teensy... Read more

REVIEW: Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth (Guest Reviewer: Booktopia’s Sarah McDuling)

So fairytales are pretty hot right now. If that seems like a ridiculous sentence, consider the fact that we have not one, but two “Snow White” movies set to hit the big screen this year. It seems like all of a sudden the world had gone bonkers for stories about fairytale princesses living happily ever after. I blame Kate Middleton. Still, having suffered from a pretty serious fairytale addictio... Read more

by | March 26, 2012

Various Pets Alive and Dead by Marina Lewycka (Guest Reviewer: Booktopia’s Sarah McDuling)

In her fourth novel, Various Pets Alive & Dead, Marina Lewycka employs her customary brand of keen wit and farcical comedy to explore the ever-present, ever widening gap that separates one generation from the next. Switching scenes between Doncaster and London, this is a refreshingly original and absurdly funny commentary on modern values told with a delicious combination of irony and dark ... Read more

by | February 27, 2012