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Sarah McDuling and Tanaya Lowden review four new Young Adult releases for January.

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Kate Forsyth, author of Beauty in Thorns, reviews the books she read in December 2017.

What John Purcell did on his holidays

John Purcell discusses the books he read whilst on holidays.

Three Julian Barnes books to read while...

Waiting for the release of The Only Story by Julian Barnes? Here's three books for whilst you wait!

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Five ways to be remarkably organised in 2018

Lorraine Murphy, author of Get Remarkably Organised, shares five tips on how to get organised in the new year.

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Guest blog from Michele Connolly, author of How to Be Thin in a World of Chocolate.

Angus Young: AC/DC’s Last Man

Jeff Apter's newest biography explores the life of one of music's greatest guitarists, Angus Young!

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Bestselling author Rachael Johns talks about how passion for story and the drive to achieve a dream, is more important than a writing degree.

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Four ways that sport helped Taryn Bashford get published

Taryn Bashford discusses the influence of sport on her debut novel, The Harper Effect.

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Young Adult author Ellie Marney talks about her book No limits and how its drug crime theme is an actual issue in country Australia.