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Second Book Syndrome: A Brilliant piece from Guest Blogger Rebecca James

Bestselling author Rebecca James has bared her soul in this exquisite and brutally honest piece about the battle of the writer against the blank page. Sweet Damage is my second book and second books are so notoriously difficult to write that this very difficulty has a condition named after it: Second Book Syndrome. I initially started another second book. It was called Cooper Bartholomew is Dea... Read more

by | May 31, 2013

A Review: Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James

Beautiful Malice is a novel by Australian author Rebecca James and what a brilliant novel it is. My sister (who had a proof-reading copy) recommended this book to me and I was hooked from the very first page, the very first line even. It is a suspenseful and often thrilling story that doesn’t reveal itself to the final chapter – it is well worth the read. I was so enthralled with this nov... Read more

by | May 25, 2010

Rebecca James author of Beautiful Malice answers Ten Terrifying Questions

Haven't heard of Rebecca James? Well, you are about to, as her tense and edgy young adult psychological thriller was the subject of a bidding war at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Some $1 million later (with rights sold now in 20 countries and translations into 13 languages), Beautiful Malice is soon to hit the shelves in Australia, with other countries to follow. Read more

by | April 14, 2010