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Ordering books for Christmas? Place your orders by midnight tonight for In Stock titles

Santa may not be great at giving books (the coal always seems to smudge) but you have to admire his efficient delivery. Unfortunately we don’t have magical reindeer to help us deliver presents this Christmas. We have Australia Post who, while being absolutely wonderful, do get incredibly busy this time of year. So, if you’re ordering for Christmas, we strongly recommend placing your... Read more

by | December 10, 2014

Forgotten Great-Aunt Elsie’s Christmas gift? Booktopia’s got your back!

Merry Christmas from Booktopia! We know that you had a thousand things on your mind in the lead-up to Christmas. Kids school holiday arrangement, tying up loose ends at work, getting that barbecue working before the in-laws arrive… It’s understandable that you forgot the last relative on your present list. We can help you avoid those awkward moments under the Christmas tree. Simply ... Read more

by | December 25, 2013

The 20 Best Fantasy Titles To Help You Escape The Christmas Mayhem – Part One (A Personal Selection By Guest Blogger Mark Timmony)

Christmas is coming! Given the way the last couple of months have sped by it will be here before you know it. It’s rather easy at this time of year to see the new release books put at the top of catalogues, and piled in big displays – publishers throw fireworks around the newest blockbuster from the big name authors – and those of us with loved ones who read can easily pick up... Read more

by | November 8, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas: Everything Lavish

Our Everything Lavish collection is a range of stunning titles to make you tremble, drool and sigh with envy.  From the breathtaking marine photography of  Sea to the exquisitely sensual anthology Reflections to cheeky familiarity of The Complete Collection of Calvin and Hobbes, these are books you will want to run your fingers over again and again. Read more

by | December 8, 2011

The Australian Book of Atheism – Edited by Warren Bonett

With Christmas looming two annual dilemmas re-emerge – what do I serve the one vegetarian at Christmas lunch and what can I possibly buy the cantankerous atheist of the family, something which will silence their snide remarks  and keep them out of the way for much of the day? In answer to the first, do what you always do, seat them at the kiddies table and pretend you forgot they were sti... Read more

by | October 28, 2010