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The next instalment in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series may be released this year.

Game of Thrones fans rejoice! George R.R. Martin has released a statement on his blog suggesting that the next instalment in his A Song of Ice and Fire series may possibly be released this year. His exact words were “I think it will be out this year”. Sound familiar? Let’s backtrack a bit… A fan of the series decided to ask Martin recently (on his blog) if the author could possibly provid... Read more

by | January 12, 2017

Will George RR Martin’s The Winds of Winter be published this year?

It happens every time. Whenever we cross paths with HarperCollins, George R.R. Martin’s Australian publisher, the conversation invariably leans towards A Song of Ice and Fire. When will the next book be coming? Is it this year? It’s this year isn’t it? Blink once if it’s this year. Was that a blink? But it appears it wasn’t a blink after all, as Martin’s UK publish... Read more

by | January 31, 2015

The Night I Met George R.R. Martin

It’s strange to meet a man who is a God to some, an unknown mortal to others. News that I was meeting George R.R. Martin was met by friends and family with two reactions. One was ‘wow, you’re so lucky’, the other was ‘who is George R.R. Martin?’. And that is the world of genre fiction. Authors are deified by some, unknown to others. If you’re a fan, you... Read more

by | November 13, 2013

Australian Romance Author Showcase with…Tracey O’Hara

As part of Australian Romance Month, Romance Specialist Haylee Nash will be interviewing one Australian Romance author per day. Much like a beauty pageant, each author will be using their charm, wit and grace (and the power of social media) to take home the Booktopia Romance Bestseller crown. Booktopia invites bestselling urban fantasy author Tracey O’Hara to the stage. 1. Describe the pe... Read more

by | July 2, 2013

A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin is available from today…

As you most probably know, George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire sequence is a masterpiece of fantasy writing. The HBO series, Game of Thrones , airing in Australia in July, will ensure the whole world comes to recognise this fact, too. What is certain, because of the TV extravaganza more and more people will turn to the books to get the full story. And to celebrate (and to encourag... Read more

by | July 12, 2011

HBO brings George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones to the small screen

During 2011, the first volume of George R R Martin’s glorious high fantasy, A Song of Ice and Fire, will be aired in Australia as an HBO series on Foxtel. It premièred on Sunday in the USA & UK and pulled in 4.2 million viewers You have the chance to read the trilogy before it screens here in Australia… Here is the first volume in George R. R. Martin’s magnificent cycle of novel... Read more

by | April 20, 2011