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A Romance Specialist’s version of Nashville

Acting as our US Romance Correspondent, Booktopia’s Romance Specialist Haylee Nash stops into Nashville to sit on a Bookseller & Librarian Panel for the members of the Music City Romance Writers…plus some other stuff… A week and a half (and several additional kilos) into my American tour, I stopped in the gorgeous historic town of Franklin to meet with the Music City Roman... Read more

by | September 26, 2013

Romance at Booktopia’s Nine Naughty Questions: Travel Edition with… Zoe Archer

While gallivanting around the American countryside, Booktopia’s Romance Specialist Haylee Nash is taking the chance to catch up with some of the USA’s great romance writing talent, the first of which is Zoe Archer, author of paranormal, historical and adventure romance. On my first less-than-scorching day in Los Angeles, I got the opportunity to meet with the lovely Zoe Archer. Unfo... Read more

by | September 25, 2013

Booktopia’s Controversy Corner – Tampa by Alissa Nutting

Alissa Nutting’s Tampa has been one of the most controversial books of 2013. An erotic tale of a hebephilic, sociopathic sexual predator isn’t for everyone. Some Booktopia Blog regulars take a look and share their thoughts. Haylee Nash “Tampa is an enjoyable story when read as just that – a story. Celeste is a character that, despite her obvious moral turpitude, the reader bar... Read more

by | August 9, 2013

Rebel Without A Clue – From Booktopia’s Head of Romance Haylee Nash

Booktopia’s Head of Romance Haylee Nash ponders her vicarious rebellious streak. When I was small, I was the good girl. My parents love to recount how, even as a baby, I was always content. They would go out to dinner with friends and happily take me along, knowing I would sleep quietly in my carrier (once so quiet that they nearly left me there). When I got to talking age, I would happil... Read more

by | May 9, 2013

Real Girl Romance – From Booktopia’s Romance Specialist Haylee Nash

You may find this difficult to believe given the glamorous creature I am today, but once upon a time, I was awkward. Not fairy tale awkward (long-limbed, unusually-featured girl turns into supermodel à la The Ugly Duckling) and not rom-com awkward (girl in overly-matching outfits with quirky sense of humour wins the heart of the secretly smart and soulful school jock), just plain awkward. No su... Read more

by | April 24, 2013

Introducing Booktopia’s Romance Specialist Haylee Nash

Booktopia’s newly appointed full-time Romance Specialist Haylee Nash tells us about her love of the love of love. In year five, I was given ‘The Talk’. At school that day, we’d just had a rather clinical explanation of the wheres, hows and what-fors of the birds and the bees, but I wanted details. My mother sat awkwardly on the end of my bed and asked if I had any questions. “Just one.” “... Read more

by | April 18, 2013