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7PM INTERVIEW: Don Watson on The Bush, past, present and future – with Caroline Baum

When Don Watson visited Booktopia Caroline Baum sat him down and asked him a few pertinent questions. Don is so laid back he seems ready to drift off at any moment, but don’t be fooled. When he speaks he hits his mark. The bush, its changes and what is threatening it, is no small subject to Don. The Bush by Don Watson Don Watson, author of the acclaimed Recollections of a Bleeding Heart a... Read more

by | December 11, 2014

A Booktopia Exclusive: Waiting for the Man by Arjun Basu

Booktopia is so excited to be in an exclusive partnership with New South Books to present the debut novel of Arjun Basu. If you’re a fan of twitter, chances are you’re a fan of Arjun Basu. Arjun has over 142,000 followers on twitter, where his 140-word short stories have drawn a huge following and a mountain of imitators. We caught up with Arjun to chat about his new book, writing c... Read more

by | June 3, 2014

Best of Booktopia TV: Keneally, Tsiolkas and Nunn in conversation with John Purcell

Tom Keneally – Shame and the Captives John Purcell’s Review One of the drawbacks of living in a society obsessed with the new is that we fail to recognise the simple fact that many things get better with time. There is just no story in ‘Author Gains Wisdom by Living a Long Interesting Life: Talking, Travelling, Reading and Writing’. But there should be. Someone gaining w... Read more

by | February 10, 2014

Best of Booktopia TV – Julie Goodwin & Rick Stein chat to John Purcell

We know that Booktopians have a passion for food, and in these interviews both authors chat about what makes a delicious meal and the way that food can bring people together. Check them out below! Julie Goodwin – Gather How to cook delicious recipes for large and small crowds of family and friends, from the bestselling original Australian MasterChef, Julie Goodwin. Julie Goodwin’s f... Read more

by | February 6, 2014