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Jackie Collins Loses Her Fight With Breast Cancer

The world is in a state of shock this morning as news of the passing of Jackie Collins filters through. Unbeknownst to all but those close to the 77 year-old bestselling author, Collins had been battling breast cancer for the better part of six years, a period that included numerous books, media appearances and tours, including a visit to Booktopia HQ in 2013. On that visit we fell in love with... Read more

by | September 20, 2015

Winners Announced – Signed Casey Stoner, Jackie Collins, Movie Tickets and Agrarian Kitchen Classes!

Signed Jackie Collins Backlist (Watch our exclusive interview with Jackie Collins here) R. McLaren, Kingston South East, SA Winner of the Agrarian Experience cooking class for 2 people (Read founder of The Agrarian Experience Rodney Dunn’s exclusive blog for us here) L. Kudahl, Whyalla Stuart, SA Free Carrie Double Passes (Stephen King fan? You have ONE DAY to win the biggest Stephen King... Read more

by | December 9, 2013

IN THE NEWS: Jackie Collins says teens must reclaim the pleasures of ‘almost’

When a teenage Jackie Collins was seduced by Marlon Brando at a party, little did she know the experience would come in handy years later while writing her first YA novel… New York Times bestselling author Jackie Collins was recently in Australia promoting her new novel, Confessions of a Wild Child, which tells the story of the teen years of her much loved character Lucky Santangelo. Jack... Read more

by | October 29, 2013

Jackie Collins, Christos Tsiolkas, and the best-selling foreign books in China

Last week Booktopia’s John Purcell sat down, on separate days, with Jackie Collins and Christos Tsiolkas (two very different authors) to chat about their life, work, and new books Confessions of a Wild Child and Barracuda. It was a wonderful fly-on-the-wall experience to see these two writers at very different periods of their careers. One resounding impression was that, while the world i... Read more

by | October 21, 2013

Why I Love Bonkbusters – a guest post by Victoria Fox

Bestselling author Victoria Fox talks sun loungers, starlets and the secret to escapism… Celebrity is the new religion. Today’s pop culture is fascinated by the rich and famous, the exclusive and the elite, and yes, while we might look to these exotic creatures for a glamour fix or a twist of scandal, for me their appeal centres around something more straightforward: a desire for escapism... Read more

by | June 25, 2013

Once, When We Were Innocent – My Pre-Internet Pursuit of the Forbidden

Back when I was growing up, in the dark days before the Internet, there were very few ways to learn about sex. There were, on occasion, a few glimpses of nudie pictures –  usually someone’s older brother’s Playboy. But these pictures were inert and added to the mystery surrounding sex, instead of offering illumination. As a child of the eighties, I looked to TV for entertainme... Read more

by | April 29, 2010

Booktopia is having a Sale: what to pick? what to pick?

There are so many books to choose from in Booktopia’s 6th Birthday Sale, making a choice can be daunting. Take my hand and let me lead you through the aisles. I’m a bit of a fiction addict so we can start there. We can drift down the Crime aisle and pick up a Peter Robinson, an Ian Rankin, flick through a James Patterson and then pop a couple of Michael Connelly‘s into our bas... Read more

by | February 10, 2010