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Stephen King Tweets…The Wrap

It’s time for a twitter wrap from our favourite eccentric genius, Stephen King! Over to you Stephano… I am going to order that novel, EENY MEENIE. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) July 8, 2015 For more about Eeny Meeny click here Dennis Lehane’s WORLD GONE BY is the best gangster novel since THE GODFATHER. Terrific story, shattering conclusion. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) June ... Read more

by | July 9, 2015

Stephen King Publishes New Short Story For The New Yorker

As further evidence of Stephen King of being not just one of the world’s greatest storytellers but also one of the hardest working, the acclaimed author has just published a new short story for The New Yorker. Here’s the first part, click the link below to read it in it’s entirety… A Death by Stephen King Jim Trusdale had a shack on the west side of his father’s gone-to-... Read more

by | March 4, 2015

Stephen King recommends…

In case you haven’t been following, we’re kind of obsessed with Stephen King’s twitter feed. It’s a treasure trove of crazy genius. You can find tweets in the third person where he refers to himself as ‘Honey Badger’. Honey Badger don’t give a shit about Valentine’s Day. But I like it. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) February 14, 2015 And some magni... Read more

by | February 19, 2015

Books Stephen King Digs

If you love books and you’re on twitter, you really need to be following Stephen King. He LOVES tweeting about books. So much so that his twitter feed sometimes feels like some sort of rambling book club. In fact, he tweets so much about books that someone should accumulate all his tweets into one blog post and provide links on where to pick up these wonderful books. Well we’re goin... Read more

by | January 14, 2015


2014 will be remembered as the year Australian Richard Flanagan won the Man Booker prize for The Narrow Road to the Deep North. We’re sure you’ll all recall that Narrow Road featured in our Best Books of 2013 list, along with Pulitzer Prize winning The Goldfinch and Stella Prize winning The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, so we feel very confident proclaiming that somewhere in this list... Read more

by | December 15, 2014

Stephen King to release Detective Novel – new book called Mr Mercedes

A retired cop and a couple of unlikely allies race against time to stop a psycho-loner intent on blowing up thousands… Stephen King is on a roll, this time with the heart-pounding suspense that he does best. A cat-and-mouse suspense thriller featuring a retired homicide detective who’s haunted by the few cases he left open, and by one in particular – the pre-dawn slaughter of ... Read more

by | February 28, 2014