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I cured a thirteen year old non-reader with The Enemy Series by Charlie Higson

Do you have a non-reading child living in your care? Say, around 13 or 14 years old? Or just a reluctant reader, perhaps? Or a child who complains that a book which can compare with the thrills of playing Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Resistance: Fall of Man, Halo, Resident Evil on Playstation, Wii or Xbox, or whatever, has yet to be written? Yes? Do you feel you have failed your child? Well,... Read more

by | September 19, 2011

The Dead by Charlie Higson, follow up to the extremely popular zombie novel The Enemy

The Dead A TERRIBLE DISEASE IS STRIKING EVERYONE OVER THE AGE OF FOURTEEN. DEATH WALKS THE STREETS. NOWHERE IS SAFE. Maxie, Blue and the rest of the Holloway crew aren’t the only kids trying to escape the ferocious adults who prey on them. Jack and Ed are best friends, but their battle to stay alive tests their friendship to the limit as they go on the run with a mismatched group of other... Read more

by | September 28, 2010